A summer night in Stockholm

A little group of women had a lovely SW event in Stockholm. We met up at Mariatorget and did the quest to busy Björns trädgård. It was a mild summer rain but still a warm night. In my quest I had a question about my job I don’t like (how will I put up and have more fun) and almost immediately I spotted a group of guys with partyhats which told me that I shouldn’t be afraid of being me (a bit too happy in a serious world of academics) and next, on a wall, the words ‘dance courses’ popped out at me. I usually take one dance lesson a week, I used to be a dancer and I feel that it is my true me, my heart and soul. So that told me to remember that and dance as much as I can. At the end of my walk as I crossed paths with a guy, I realised that I recognised him. He used to work at the department where I work, doing his PhD but he wasn’t happy so he finally quit, and now he is doing something else and feels a lot better I’m told.

I had a great time holding and doing Street Wisdom in Stockholm and I hope I get to do it sometime soon again.

Anna from Stockholm

Street Wisdøm!

Friday dawned ominously cloudy and cold in Stockholm.  We thought we were in for Sleet Wisdom.  But by the time we gathered at the ultra hip Urban Deli at 1330 the sun was pushing through the clouds and as we started the Tune Up, church bells (synchronistically) started ringing.


It was a wonderful way to kick off the city’s first (but surely not last) Street Wisdom.   People were asking questions about personal life, career, new work directions, next steps.   And answers – as ever – were in rich supply.  Two participants even bumped into Sweden’s leading actor.  So it was a celebrity event too!

If you were one of those taking part, please add your comments below.   Tack!

I have pretzels and box wine. Take me to your artistic leader.


Messages from aliens spotted on by Thomas:   I have pretzels and box wine. Take me to your artistic leader.