A summer night in Stockholm

A little group of women had a lovely SW event in Stockholm. We met up at Mariatorget and did the quest to busy Björns trädgård. It was a mild summer rain but still a warm night. In my quest I had a question about my job I don’t like (how will I put up and have more fun) and almost immediately I spotted a group of guys with partyhats which told me that I shouldn’t be afraid of being me (a bit too happy in a serious world of academics) and next, on a wall, the words ‘dance courses’ popped out at me. I usually take one dance lesson a week, I used to be a dancer and I feel that it is my true me, my heart and soul. So that told me to remember that and dance as much as I can. At the end of my walk as I crossed paths with a guy, I realised that I recognised him. He used to work at the department where I work, doing his PhD but he wasn’t happy so he finally quit, and now he is doing something else and feels a lot better I’m told.

I had a great time holding and doing Street Wisdom in Stockholm and I hope I get to do it sometime soon again.

Anna from Stockholm