1. I would like to run a Street Wisdom event – what’s involved? It’s simple – pick a date, a three-hour time slot and a place – preferably an urban environment with plenty of stimulus. Set up your event using our online registration process, publicise it, and sign up your participants. Read the Street Wisdom Guide and follow the simple instructions. That’s it!
  2. Do I need to have experienced Street Wisdom in order to run one? No. Just follow the instructions in the Street Wisdom Guide. If there is a Street Wisdom event near you, try it as a participant first – or download our audio guide to get a feel for it.
  3. It’s free – what’s the deal? Street Wisdom is offered as free shareware in exchange for stories, donations and feedback via social media. We want to make every street on earth a source of inspiration. However, if money changes hands at your event (eg. you use it as a fundraiser), or it is used in a professional context, we expect a fair donation from the proceeds. We suggest 25% but please contact us to discuss further.
  4. Can I use Street Wisdom as a professional tool? Street Wisdom is used across the globe by coaches, therapists, teachers, urban planners, HR professionals and many others who understand its wide-ranging potential. Contact us for more information.
  5. How many participants should I aim for? Register twice as many as you’d like to turn up on the day. As Street Wisdom is free, we find that around half the registrations fail to show and factor this in to our planning. A Street Wisdom session usually involves around 10-15 people per organiser. If you’d like to make it a bigger event, just enlist another person to help you lead it.
  6. How should I close the event? Encourage your participants to share their stories with us via social media and our website; ask them to sign up as organisers and run their own events; remind them that Street Wisdom is free but that we appreciate donations. Take a few minutes at the end of your session to point them towards the big red buttons at the top of our homepage – we’ve made it easy for them to take action.
  7. What do I need to do afterwards? Write a blog for us (see instructions above), Tweet, post on Facebook or Instagram – let us and the world know how your event went. If you’ve created your event through our website, we’ll automatically follow up with your group on your behalf via email. And of course, we’d love you to run more than one event.
  8. I’ve got some questions, can I speak to someone? We are always delighted to hear from you. Drop us a line: contactus@streetwisdom.org