These are our most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, contact us.

I don’t speak English. Are there versions in different languages?

Weve started in English. But thats soon to be followed by versions in Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi and French. And thanks to ongoing funding from foundations and partner organisations, well be adding new languages all the time, building a library of the 20 most spoken world languages (inc Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Urdu, Japanese, Swahili).

So how do I get the Street Wisdom tracks/album?

From the same digital platforms, you get your music. Spotify is the primary one.

So how do the tracks work?

Like music tracks, theyre just a few minutes long each. And like the music you love to listen to as you walk, they make everyday life somehow better, more enjoyable, more meaningful, more you. Listening to them turns even the most ordinary walk into a micro-adventure.

The five tracks distilled from the live Street Wisdom experience are:

  • Awaken your inner compass
  • Take control of your time
  • Create Instant Delight
  • Whats the question I should be asking
  • My Quest for answers

Each track builds on the previous, building a sequence of downloads that upgrades your creative software with every step. Its taken a decade of work to make the process this simple – and it really works.

And if you like these, keep your eyes and ears open because we launch special tracks, featuring great new techniques and great voices from our growing community of brilliant friends around the world.

What’s with the audio tracks?

Many years ago we realised not everyone could reach our live events, so we created an audio guide, modelled on the ones you might find in an art gallery or museum, which took you through the steps of a live event in your own time and which you could download from our website free. And thousands did. Particularly during the pandemic Which got us thinking.

What if we distilled the practice of street wisdom into separate tracks that you could download from Spotify – like an album? And then learn each part while you walk. So you learn by experiencing. Literally, step by step.

What should I expect from a local event?

Local events are led by volunteers all around the world. Find one near you, sign up on our website and youll be sent all the details via email. Tickets are free but we invite you to donate what you can when signing up. Youll be given a time and meeting point, try to arrive a little early so you can meet your, facilitator and participants, before starting. Dress for the weather and be prepared to be outside the whole time. Youll be responsible for your belongings and safety, so make sure you stay alert (the Street Wisdom process should help with that!)

The WalkShop has three parts:

TUNE-UP. You will be guided through a series of short exercises that are designed to “tune-up” your senses so you can tune in to the world around you.

QUEST. You will choose and frame a question you would like some fresh thinking on and/or new answers to and then set off in search of insights, ideas and answers, looking for signs and signals from the streets or space you explore.

SHARE. In the end, everyone will gather together again and we will ask a few people to share their experience, what they learned and discuss how to apply the insights back to the question they brought to the walkshop.

Once you learn and have experienced the Street Wisdom process, you can use it again and again on your own. Its a brilliant way to problem-solve and expand your sense of possibility in partnership with the world around you.

I’ve booked on to a local event, what should I bring?

An open mind, good walking shoes and clothes for all weather. A question youd like answered: not too big (What is the meaning of life?), not too small (What shall I have for lunch?) but somewhere in the middle a burning issue to which youd like fresh answers.

What happens on the monthly online events?

The monthly live events bring together our global community, we run them at different times to suit different time zones. They give a taster of Street Wisdom and are often co-facilitated by some special guests with a different theme. So youll experience Street Wisdom and learn something new. They are always free to join and we invite you to pay what you can.

How do I take part in a WalkShop?

There are two ways you can join our WalkShops. Either online at our monthly facilitated gatherings or in-person at one of our volunteer-led local events. You can see what events are coming up below, just click on what takes your fancy, sign up, and if you like, buy a book or donate to keep our mission alive and kicking. And get ready to wander. Well e-mail you everything you need to know.

Facilitating an event
I’ve got some questions, can I speak to someone?

Of course! Drop us a line: [email protected]

How many participants should I aim for?

A Street Wisdom session usually involves around 10-15 people per organiser. If youd like to make it a bigger event, just enlist another person to help you lead it.

Can I use Street Wisdom as a professional tool?

We run Street Wisdom WalkShops for organisations around the world. Street Wisdom is also used across the globe by coaches, therapists, teachers, urban planners, HR professionals and many others who understand its wide-ranging potential. Youre very welcome to use it in this context, get in touch to find out more.

Do I need to have experienced Street Wisdom in order to run one?

Its always best if youve taken part beforehand, so you can understand the process from a participants perspective. If you cant take part in a facilitated session, you can download our audio guide and be guided through the process. Youll find all of the facilitation instructions in the Street Wisdom Guide.

I would like to run an event – what’s involved?

Its simple pick a date, a time and a place preferably an urban environment with plenty of stimuli. Send us the details and well get the event set up on our website with a link for you to share. Then its over to you to publicise it and sign up your participants. Read the Street Wisdom Guide and follow the simple instructions.

So, in a sentence, just remind me why Street Wisdom?

If youre looking for better ways to live and work, heres a delightfully simple way to find some.

Is there anything you want from me in return?

Youre hugely welcome to get more involved. Many people do attend Walkshops and some even volunteer to lead one. But thats entirely up to you. No expectations.

Theres just one thing we do ask of everyone who experiences our technology-free – an act of exchange if you like. And thats to share your experience with others/your social network. Tagging us @streetwisdom_ What did you find? What was most enjoyable? How are you using this practice in your own creative mission and what results are you achieving?

We dont advertise. We dont do marketing. So the only way people learn about Street Wisdom is by word of mouth. We want as many people in the world as possible to have access to everyday wonder. And this way, youll be playing a major part in that mission.

Why would Street Wisdom offer this?

Because we love to watch people discover creative new ways to enjoy life, solve problems and get clear. Every happy mail and amazing post makes it more and more worth it for us. But even more than that because we think the world needs creativity now lots of creativity. Its a unique moment in history where the choices we make could have an existential impact on our future journey. And we believe that the future depends on 1 million small choices were all making day today.

How come it’s free?

Because Street Wisdom is offered by a non-profit that has a mission – to bring creative inspiration to every street on earth. Even the difficult streets. We know there’s huge value here but we dont want to leave anyone out for financial reasons. So Street Wisdom is partly supported by its founder, partly by paid work with businesses around the world and partly by donations from participants. If youre able to, we invite you to pay what you can.

Why should I do Street Wisdom?
  • It makes you a more creative person (by giving you a simple way to connect with the innate creativity thats inside and around you).
  • Its a tool you can point at any area of your work or life – particularly where you feel stuck or want to break routine
  • Whatever you are trying to make happen in the world, this will help you. And if none of these appeals right now just think of Street Wisdom as making the business of navigating daily life just a whole lot more delightful.