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About Street Wisdom

What is it?

Street Wisdom is a global social enterprise with a mission to bring inspiration to every street on earth. It’s a technology that allows anyone, anywhere to get unusual inspiration from their everyday surroundings. Led by volunteer facilitators on city streets across the world, free Street Wisdom workshops give participants the skills to access the ‘invisible university’ that’s all around them and find fresh answers to personal or work-related questions – with profound results.

Why the streets?

Because they are many and varied. They are free to use. They are where we spend an increasing amount of our metropolitan lives. And they are a rich source of untapped wisdom. It turns out, you don’t need an exotic getaway to find inspiration. It’s right outside your door. And you won’t burn a tonne of fossil fuel getting there.

How can you experience it?

Street Wisdom is a three-hour workshop that’s easy to lead and free to take part in – you don’t pay fees, you pay attention. It’s been staged in 39 countries and counting. Keep an eye out for an event near you. We’ve also created an audio guide for individuals and bespoke experiences for entire companies.

How does it work?

It’s very simple – that’s because we’ve been refining the process for years.

Tune Up. Quest. Share.

  1. First, a street guide helps you and your group tune up your senses so you can pick up much more information from the urban environment that you would normally.
  2. Then you’re off on a journey by yourself – your street quest – where you ask a question and see what answers present themselves.
  3. Finally, you gather together again to share what happened and, more often than not, wonder at how magical an ordinary street can become when you’re really aware of those hidden messages, chance meetings and unexpected discoveries.

What about the results?

In just three hours of walking and wandering, participants have resolved problems that have dogged them for years, found new business ideas, changed careers, discovered new directions, and learned how to deal differently with living, learning and loving.  Participants score Street Wisdom 4.9 out of 5 based on 116 reviews

What will you ask?

People come to Street Wisdom with a huge range of questions in mind. Here are some of the most common:

  • Dead End

    I am in a personal/professional cul-de-sac

  • Roundabout

    I need to make a decision and there are just too many options. Which is best?

  • Look up!

    I’m trapped in the everyday detail. I need to see the bigger picture.

  • Curve Ahead

    I want a preview of the future. Are there [dangerous] curves ahead?

  • No Turn

    I feel there are few, if any, options. Stuck on the treadmill. Need inspiration.

  • Fork in the Road

    I have reached a crossroads in life/work. Which way to turn?

How is Street Wisdom organised?

Invented by creative maestro David Pearl in 2013 and developed with the help of business beatnik and fellow author Chris Baréz-Brown, Street Wisdom has rapidly grown into a global movement and flourishing social enterprise. A Community Interest Company that reinvests all profits, Street Wisdom focuses on delivering inspiring urban experiences through a growing network of volunteer street leaders, professional Street Wizards, and partner organisations like the RSA.

In business

Street Wisdom is also a growing social enterprise and home to a community of Street Wizards who use this powerful tool professionally. Our team design bespoke events for organisations in the private and public sectors to energise teams, solve problems, set direction, enhance well being, generate ideas and more. Take a look at some of our case studies.

Our mission

Our mission is to make every street in every city a free source of inspiration for everyone, every single day. There’s a long way to go – just look around. But we feel that a world that’s more inspired is going to be more human and healthy for us all to live in. Go to an event, download our free toolkit, become an organiser in your city, make a donation – join us on our wander-ful journey.

Contact Us

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