Our mission

Street Wisdom is the brainchild of David Pearl, an innovator in business, the arts and social change.  Having spent years exploring how our urban environment can deliver fresh insight, in 2013 he set up the first Street Wisdom event in Covent Garden, London.

Since then, the movement has grown to 73 countries and counting, led by volunteers sharing the power of Street Wisdom free of charge through communities across the globe.


Our Locations

Click on the orange dots to see photos from some of our Local WalkShops around the world.

The Founder

David Pearl

When he’s not authoring or making creative waves in the corporate world, David is out on the street asking questions to see how much further Street Wisdom can go. And the answers keep coming!

Our Community

The Street Wisdom community is a delicious mix of creative folk who help people from all walks of life find clarity and joy in the everyday including our poet-at-large Philip Cowell, consciousness explorer Esperide Ananas Ametitas and head of R&D Chris Sollett. Thank you all for helping us fulfil our mission to bring inspiration to every street across the globe.


Ted Talks

David shares the Street Wisdom story in his TEDx talk.

Street Wisdom Handbook

An indispensable guide for seeking inspiration and fresh direction, by founder David Pearl.

Street Wisdom for Business

We also design bespoke business events to help organisations find creative ways through complex challenges. Partnering with businesses like this helps us bring Street Wisdom to the world free. Some of the organisations we’ve worked with include:

Get in touch on [email protected] to discuss bringing Street Wisdom to your organisation.

Friends of Street Wisdom

We want to introduce you to some of the groups and organisations we have met on our Street Wisdom journey. They are doing great work in complementary ways. We love ‘em. Hope you feel the same.


We want to bring inspiration to every street on earth, so our WalkShops and exercises are free to everyone. Your donation will help us spread Street Wisdom further and faster.