A summer night in Stockholm

A little group of women had a lovely SW event in Stockholm. We met up at Mariatorget and did the quest to busy Björns trädgård. It was a mild summer rain but still a warm night. In my quest I had a question about my job I don’t like (how will I put up and have more fun) and almost immediately I spotted a group of guys with partyhats which told me that I shouldn’t be afraid of being me (a bit too happy in a serious world of academics) and next, on a wall, the words ‘dance courses’ popped out at me. I usually take one dance lesson a week, I used to be a dancer and I feel that it is my true me, my heart and soul. So that told me to remember that and dance as much as I can. At the end of my walk as I crossed paths with a guy, I realised that I recognised him. He used to work at the department where I work, doing his PhD but he wasn’t happy so he finally quit, and now he is doing something else and feels a lot better I’m told.

I had a great time holding and doing Street Wisdom in Stockholm and I hope I get to do it sometime soon again.

Anna from Stockholm

2 thoughts on “A summer night in Stockholm

  1. I was one of the lucky ones who joined Anna’s SW. I had a really horrible last couple of weeks (including the death of a family member, rushing off to the vet with the dog who had hurt his hip badly, another family member experiences panic attacks for the first time in her life and the list goes on and on…), so I hadn’t actually planned to go, but changed my mind in the last minute telling myself, “This might be just want I need”.
    I went along with a question that seemed a bit trivial considering everything that was happening around me, but that I still wanted some answer to. It had to do with getting into the habit of training on a regular basis. You know what it is like, you are enthusiastic for a couple of weeks or months and then the interest gradually wears off and you stop.
    My quest took me to a park with a lovely row of trees that were really inviting. However, it was rather late and the park was almost empty, except for two small groups of young men that put me off a bit. Was it wise to wander among these people on my own? I decided “yes” and getting closer to one of the groups, I saw that they were actually playing guitar and singing. Just as I passed by them, one of them sang, “Shine like the star that you are”. Further along the quest I picked up more clues that helped me finding my answer.
    It’s a brilliant method and I have already decided to organise my own SW session.

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