Straat Wisdom – Amsterdam March 2014

Is Amsterdam the most beautiful imaginable backdrop for a Street Wisdom event? I couldn’t think of a better one, standing on the sun-bathed cobbles of Westerstraat on 4 March with a group of fearlessly curious and up-for-it Amsterdam-ers. IMG_6449
One of them, Joel, had this to say. “Street Wisdom showed me that our cities are alive with wisdom and that through them we can open to a mysterious, magical, meaningful and revelatory relationship to life.”
And this picture of Anke probably says it all!



Peter, Ubiquity University

I experienced Street Wisdom as a playful way to bring me fully present to the moment and immediate surroundings. As we start to shift our state and become aware of the world around us, we get access to multiple insights to our challenges – in our own backyard!

Peter Merry, Chief Innovation Officer, Ubiquity University