Straat Wisdom – Amsterdam March 2014

Is Amsterdam the most beautiful imaginable backdrop for a Street Wisdom event? I couldn’t think of a better one, standing on the sun-bathed cobbles of Westerstraat on 4 March with a group of fearlessly curious and up-for-it Amsterdam-ers. IMG_6449
One of them, Joel, had this to say. “Street Wisdom showed me that our cities are alive with wisdom and that through them we can open to a mysterious, magical, meaningful and revelatory relationship to life.”
And this picture of Anke probably says it all!



4 thoughts on “Straat Wisdom – Amsterdam March 2014

  1. It was a real pleasure meeting up and working with you. I thought it was YOUR street wisdom until a van drew up next to me with my initials on it and parked in front of a shop called Do Re Mi (I am a musician), next to an Italian restaurant Cinema Paradiso (a several passions of my life in one there). Street Wisdom is just switching itself on without being asked. Hooray

  2. Very inspiring morning!! I liked especially the idea to see the city as a magical place that can provide answers if you open up and tune in. Gave me a complete new look on a street I rush through on my bike so often. Had a very warm conversation with Jos who lived in the neighborhood, about his dreams in life. Gave me some helpful insights in my own question. Thanks!!

  3. Delightful experience David. A powerful practice for stepping beyond the habituated getting from A to B way of moving through cities and opening to the mystery where answers pop out of no-where.

  4. I loved it David – even to the point where the street was giving me too much wisdom – slightly more than I could handle 🙂 It is a beautiful practice and the art of slowing down and opening up reminded me once again of the fact that beauty emerges if we choose to slow down enough to see it and tune in to the moment. Thank you for a wonderful inspirational experience!

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