Straat Wisdom – waves and flags

Prayer-Flags2Dear all, thank you for a refreshing experience in the city I love even more now: Amsterdam! The approach of street wisdom worked for me: an open view, an open heart!! I like the Sjamanistic appraoch an d got a beautiful answer to my question. My question was ‘how can I get more peace in my daily life’. In the beginning I saw already my answer: a ‘binnenvaartschippersboot’ with my birthname & with Buddhistic flags. My family was, for 100 years, working on this kind of boats and Buddhistic flags are for me a symbol for peace in my life. So my answer; keep in touch with my family, spend time together and integrate peace in my life. Thanxxx Joke

Straat Wisdom – Amsterdam March 2014

Is Amsterdam the most beautiful imaginable backdrop for a Street Wisdom event? I couldn’t think of a better one, standing on the sun-bathed cobbles of Westerstraat on 4 March with a group of fearlessly curious and up-for-it Amsterdam-ers. IMG_6449
One of them, Joel, had this to say. “Street Wisdom showed me that our cities are alive with wisdom and that through them we can open to a mysterious, magical, meaningful and revelatory relationship to life.”
And this picture of Anke probably says it all!