Camden (un)Lock

This post was written by Judy Piatkus, Founder of ConsciousCafe 

Last Saturday 19 of us met in a sun-baked, vibrant Camden Lock with three Street Wisdom facilitators for our ConsciousCafe Street Wisdom experience.

We divided into three groups and each of us went to a different part of the Market. It was still fairly quiet, early in the morning and easy to absorb all the amazing sights and sounds as the many stallholders set out their wares and the food vendors prepared their meals. Each facilitator sent their group members on four ten-minute short walks with a specific issue to observe and think about during that time. These exercises put us in an altered state in that we all became very relaxed. Then we were left with time to wander round the market and observe what answers to our questions would come up for us.

After 50 minutes or so we all met in a nearby bar and again, in our groups, shared our experiences.

The answer to my own question had come very fast and kept being reinforced as I wandered round the market. One woman had a question regarding her relationship and she spotted a sign that made it very clear that the decision she wanted to make was the right one. Another participant was clarifying ideas about where to live and the Street Wisdom Experience opened her mind to new possibilities. Everyone in all the groups had gained from the wisdom of the streets.

Many years ago I read Living Magically by Gill Edwards, her first book, which introduced me to the concept of metaphysics and how helpful signs are all around us if we allow ourselves to be sufficiently aware to take the time to see. Street Wisdom also works in the same way reminding us that our knowingness operates on so many different levels. I like the idea that I could repeat my Street Wisdom experience any time I want to when I have another important question that needs an answer.

ConsciousCafe will be happy to offer another Street Wisdom experience in due course if any of their members were unable to take part in this one. Just let [email protected] know and when they have enough people they will set it up.

How was your experience?  If you took part in the Camden Lock Street Wisdom, please add your own perspectives below.