How Street Wisdom is good for mental wellbeing

By Rachel Crowther

Street Wisdom is a simple but powerful way of using your everyday environment to find answers and inspiration. It’s also the perfect way to find calm and focus on the busy urban streets. It’s a guided walking mindfulness experience and the perfect antidote if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just a little stuck…

These are just some of the many ways in which Street Wisdom can improve your mental wellbeing on a daily basis:

Slowing down. One of the first requirements of Street Wisdom is to slow. right. down. It’s not often we are able to do this (let alone be told to!) but taking the time to step back and slow the pace down is important for our mental wellbeing. It isn’t something we should just be doing on holiday – Street Wisdom teaches you to make slowing down a part of everyday life.

A new way of thinking. Street Wisdom teaches you to see your everyday environment with a fresh perspective. We have so much inspiration all around, we just need to learn how to tap into it: Street Wisdom gives you the skills to do just that. You don’t need expensive retreats, just open your eyes to what is already around you.

Walking mindfulness. Mindfulness is brilliant for finding clarity and calming an anxious mind. Street Wisdom enables you to easily apply mindfulness to your everyday routine. If you struggle with finding the time to sit and be still, try a mindful lunch-time wander….

Focus on you. An important part of looking after your mental wellbeing is taking time for reflection, to focus on you. Street Wisdom works by creating a reflective headspace, giving you the time to wander and wonder and then reflect on your experience – with no phones, no distractions. Bliss.

Snap out of auto-pilot. Street Wisdom takes place right in the hectic, urban streets we often find ourselves rushing down. Instead of going about your normal busy-ness – you are walking, breathing and thinking at a slower pace, making you very aware of your surroundings. This feels liberating and snaps us out of that auto-pilot behaviour we so often find ourselves in.

Walking problem-solving. When faced with a challenging decision, we often just try to battle it out at home or in the office. Street Wisdom is all about getting outside, going for a stroll and taking the time to find a new perspective on the situation. Not only will you benefit from the fresh air and exercise but you’ll find that different surroundings offer different answers. 

There are various ways you can get involved and benefit from the powerful impact of Street Wisdom. We have events taking place all over the world, you can see a full list of these here. You can also download our audio guide Wandercast and learn the Street Wisdom approach at any time, wherever you are in the world. 

You can try out Street Wisdom at any time by downloading our FREE audio guide Wandercast. It will take you through a one hour guided Street Wisdom experience, ideal if you want to find some answers or just find some calm. So get outside, slow right down and be inspired. Enjoy!