Mindfulness at Walk – the sequel

By David Pearl

The first event with our collaborators, friends and mindful allies Mindfulness at Work was so exciting we just couldn’t leave it there.   Not least because, the more you practise Street Wisdom, the more your learn.   This time we joined MaW’s growing community of Mindfulness coaches among the Halva and Hookahs on London’s distinctly Middle-Eastern flavoured Edgware Road.

We didn’t have much time but it’s amazing what you can discover when you really pay attention.   About presence.  About passion.   About perfume (yes, awakening senses also led to a lessons in scents).  Even about the Police – the ones guarding Tony Blair’s nearby mews house were very curious about our slow walking past his door!

If anyone who took part would like to add their thoughts, comments, perspectives…we’d love to hear them.