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Mindfulness at Work are one of the pioneering companies bringing Mindfulness into the workplace in a way that everyone can easily connect with and learn from. Louise Cox Chester, MAW’s irrepressibly passionate founder and CEO has been a fan of Street Wisdom from the very start.  In fact, I think she was the first person to describe what we do as applied mindfulness.  Who knew?

As stress, complexity and volatility continue to grow, so does the Business world’s need for clear thinking, awareness and self-direction.   And our two ventures will be collaborating more in future to answer this call.  So Louise thought it would be useful (and generous) to give Mindfulness at Work’s growing tribe of coaches and trainers a chance to experience street wisdom first hand.

Personally, it was a real joy to be working with them in and around St James’s Park.  Freezing cold, but a joy nonetheless.    Mindfulness meets wanderful-ness.

What questions did these mindful adventure seekers ask?  And what answers did they get?   That’s really for them to say.   So, if you were there, please leave your comments below.

6 thoughts on “Mindfulness at Walk

  1. As a relatively aware seeker and adventurer I found it fascinating the extent to which, when I allowed myself to slow down, open up and receive from my physical and human environment in the streets around me how much support and magic I was able to access.

    Instead of hurrying past with a whirring, cluttered head I found myself seeing and hearing clear signals, reminders, encouragements and answers to my questions.

    I’ve never had a stranger turn to offer and read me something in the street, and the unique, open, heartfelt and insightful conversation that followed was truly a gift – thank you Gabriel and go well.

    I loved the simplicity of the Street Wisdom process, David’s excellent uplifting yet challenging guiding, and the opportunity to find and create so much meaning in a short space of time without really having to ‘go anywhere’. Thank you for inviting me and I would love to do this again and help bring it to others.

  2. What an amazing experience David facilitated – a chance to go out on the street and take time to meet – ME. First in the tuning up, the suggestion to allow myself to be drawn by what attracts me, reminded me of the power of ‘body wisdom’. Allowing my body to draw me to what I like, love and what creates meaning, rather than my over-used brain! Noticing physically what gave me joy was such a pleasure as well as a powerful reminder to listen to my body for important decisions.

    The second meeting with ME came when I asked my question of the street – how can I achieve my goal ‘effortlessly’? After power walking along a number of streets, repeating my mantra ‘effortlessly – effortlessly – effortlessly’; striving to find the answer, looking hard at every street name, searching for the big idea; I had a sudden wave of body awareness. I felt the tension, the hard set jaw, the shallow breaths. And with it came the revelation that of course it’s about me BEING effortless. Now I’m allowing the ease to embody me, and so I can allow my goal to happen easily too.

    And as I write this is see another link – that my first insight created the space for the second. Trusting my body in the first exercise paved the way for me to notice and listen when I was asking the street for guidance.

    Thanks to David and Louise for such a gift – I’m a Street Wisdom convert.

  3. Such a full and amazing experience, where so many connections were made that I’m still processing: interacting with a Calder mobile in a posh St James gallery offered me something about balance in movement and the curator started a conversation about Sartre – my specialist subject at uni – how did he know?

    I was invited to follow my story…which emerged freely…moving from one paragraph to another seamlessly, including meeting a Mr Ben type character who emerged from the back of a gallery that had enticed me in. Right at the back of the gallery barely visible from the window was an abstract painting of Mount Snowdon, seemingly painted from the grounds of a house I knew in a remote Welsh village. Mr Ben went to check his notes and it was indeed painted there….at £98,000 though I moved on….

    Mr Ben was keen to tell me how important it is to make connections….next a weather vane pointing West was teasing me in my certainty of the direction I was heading for in my life, true North of course, but what if…..

    Next a brief foray into Chatham House, is that where the rules come from? Who’s rules anyway…lets just hold rules lightly. There’s that police van again are they following me?

    Must go into The Next Chapter Gallery, surely some inspiration there….

  4. What a wonderful gift – thank you! So simple (as the greatest ideas are) and so effective. A welcome opportunity to step out of ‘London mode’ and to experience the magic the streets have to offer. When we look around, unplug and engage with the world around us we can discover meaning everywhere – Street Wisdom gives us the tools to access this directly. Heartfelt gratitude to the street cleaner who generously shared his wisdom and reaffirmed the answer to my question!

  5. This was my second Street Wisdom experience. It was as powerful and transformational as the first 4 year ago. The tuning up to being mindful of all the information present to us in every moment was almost scientific in its simplicity and effectiveness. And with David’s sage input, I was able to hone my question so it too was simple and effective. And the outcome – the purest and most brilliant clarity. This has subsequently allowed me to calmly focus on what I know is my purpose, with complete integrity and truth. Once again David, you have enabled me to unravel what was keeping me in knots on a cognitive level, by enlisting the wisdom of the street and listening to my heart. #deepbowofgratitude #appliedmindfulness

  6. Who sees a “real” lion on Jermyn Street in the heart of St James at 11 o’clock on a Friday morning? I did, when I joined the amazing group from Mindfulness at Work and the morning of Street Wisdom with David Pearl. To say I had the most profound and exciting morning would be a complete understatement. I came to the session with a very clear question around manifesting a particular work project I am hoping to do. Perhaps because I was so clear in my question, I experienced what felt like, very direct answers. I also gathered scenarios as to how it could play out. However, the feedback session with the rest of the group was particularly useful. As I recalled my morning’s insights, the interpretation from the others was so helpful.
    I could not recommend Street Wisdom more highly to anyone who is experiencing doubt or uncertainty around any project or life situation.
    BTW, the lion is my current screen saver, for a daily reminder of my message of courage! Thank you David for your generosity in creating and sharing Street Wisdom and thank you Louise inviting me along.

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