Street Wisdom Members Club

Do you love leading Street Wisdom events? Join our club!


Our Member’s Club is a growing international network of volunteers who lead Street Wisdom events around the world. We want to cultivate this global community in over 40 countries and say thank you. So if you love leading Street Wisdom events, this is a place for you to learn, connect and share with other like-minded innovators around the world.

Be part of a unique community and play a real role in growing a global movement. As a Street Wizard you will:

• Connect with other Street Wizards and be a part of our growing international core community

• Engage with the creator of Street Wisdom, David Pearl, and fellow Street Wizards in quarterly Huddles

• Receive exclusive monthly video exercises and discussion topics from David Pearl based on the guiding elements of Street Wisdom via our Slack forum

• Be at the heart of our growing global movement – an advocate for Street Wisdom – and the first to be updated with new projects and events.

• Be eligible for discounted and fast-tracked membership of the RSA – which has Fellows around the world (contact us for details).

• An invitation to ad hoc Street Party’s in multiple locations around the world

What we ask of you:

Our mission is to bring inspiration to every street on the planet.  It certainly looks like our planet could benefit from this. We see our international network of members as key to this.  As a Street Wizard, we’ll be looking for three things from you…

Lead at least two Street Wisdom events a year (one during the World Wide Wander

Share with us what happened (blog, pictures, stories, feedback)

Encourage others to use Street Wisdom on your social media (if you use it) or by telling friends/colleague about what we’re doing.

What does it cost?

There is no financial cost for being a Street Wizard. We’re a generous movement and we want you to feel appreciated. That said, Street Wisdom does have financial needs. We are a non-profit and rely on donations to do our work.  If you’d like to help us, you can make a one-off donation here or set up a monthly donation below:

If you’d like to become a Wizard and can commit to running two Street Wisdom events per year, simply email us on to register. You’ll receive an invitation to our Member’s Slack forum along with dial-in details for the quarterly huddles.