5 reasons I love Street Wisdom

By Philip Cowell

We asked our poet-in-residence Philip Cowell to share the 5 reasons he loves Street Wisdom!

  1. The Joy of Movement (and Stillness) – I love Street Wisdom because at some level it’s just ‘going for a walk’ and I love walking. But it’s also of course about not-walking as much as it’s about walking! Sometimes we pause, to notice something, or wait for something, or just marvel at something. And that’s gorgeous.
  2. Connecting with Others – when I’m on a Street Wisdom Walkshop, I get to meet amazing people I’ve never met before, who are also curious and interested to see what will happen if we slow down a bit outdoors.
  3. The Wonder of Nature – by Nature I mean the environment around us. An urban street, it seems to me, is as much nature as the highest mountain. It’s all nature. And Street Wisdom is one fast-tracked way to appreciating its detailed rigour and beauty.
  4. Some Insights, Outdoors – I often use Street Wisdom if I need to get an insight on a situation or a problem. Once I’m tuned up, I’II hold the issue and just walk with that in mind and body, and see what happens. (It’s basically a shorthand way of doing the Quest: “Streets, show me some options with all this!”) Something often, if not always, will come. Sometimes it’s slant to the topic. The other day I was full of different stresses, and the streets shared with me all kinds of patterns that seemed interconnected. I interpreted that insight as “Everything’s connected” (it’s nice to reduce the insight to 2 or 3 words). And that really helped!
  5. Serendipity, Actually – I love Street Wisdom for the serendipities that often, if not always, arise. When I started leading Walkshops back in 2016/17, whenever I led them, wherever I was (and the locations were always different), I would always bump into someone I knew. I took that as a useful reminder to connect to my amazing support group. Nowadays it’s often more the insights from the Sharing seem so interwoven. It’s like, as a group, we become this one ‘being’. It’s beautiful!



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