So, what is Street Wisdom?

By Street Wisdom

What is it?

Street Wisdom is an everyday creative practice you use as you walk. A smart fusion of mindfulness, neuroscience, wellbeing and imagination, it unlocks our minds and unblocks our creativity with every step.

How does it work?

It’s a simple idea, based on the proposition that the environment and people around us are full of wisdom we largely overlook or ignore. Street Wisdom allows us to tune into the rich stimulus and learn all that latent wisdom.

Who is it for?

It’s for anyone who has questions about their life and/or work and wants some fresh answers. It is relevant for anyone tackling a challenge in their working life, figuring out what’s next, struggling with the day-to-day stuff or seeking that inspirational breakthrough.

So how do I get started?

You can have a go right now! Pop your airpods in and click play on our audio guides, which are the essence of the practice beautifully narrated by Street Wisdom founder David Pearl. Be prepared to take part actively as he guides you through the whole process. If you want a more personal experience, you can also sign up to an in-person or online Walkshop at the Street Wisdom website.

Who is behind it?

Street Wisdom is a non-profit venture and registered Community Interest Company (no. 9848643) conceived by entrepreneur and business innovator David Pearl who experimented with the idea for several years before teaming up with a bunch of wonderful volunteers who are now taking it out into an unsuspecting world!



Inspired? Street Wisdom is all about finding better ways. Join a Walkshop near you, or head out for your own wander right now with our Tune Ups. Buy your own copy of Wanderful, all profits go back into Street Wisdom to help keep it free.