Follow your inner compass

By Street Wisdom

All we’re saying is: slow down enough, and you might notice your inner compass.

That bit of you that knows the way to go.

No matter how much you stumble. At least it’s your direction.

Which direction does it point you in today?

Follow it and notice what you see and hear and smell and think and feel on the way.

Smile at the people you meet on your way. Trust them. Ask them your question.

Listen out for clues, watch signs, see everything as a signal.

As potential.

See the stranger’s smile.

See the leaf floating in the wind.

See the word FRESH on the side of the bus.

It’s all meaning. You can either use it, or move on.

So, how about it?

How about slowing down enough today to notice the ticking sound of your inner compass?

Which direction will it point you in today?

Let your feet be cleverer than your head.

Follow them.

Cherish them.

See where they lead you.

After all, it’s you, leading yourself!




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