5 ways to keep cool and wander

By Street Wisdom

Sweltering heat outside but you still want to wander? Here are 5 ways to add a bit of Street Wisdom to your walk. Keep cool, keep smart, keep safe, keep curious:

1. Follow the shade

Of course, walk in the shade, but how about following the shade? What do you see afresh if your rule is: only walk in the shade?

2. Water fountain, be thy guide

Keep hydrated (without using single-use-plastic bottles obvs) but why not play this simple game: be guided by water fountains. Hop from fountain to fountain. What fresh answers will come your way by doing this?

3. Go early

What happens if you go for your wander earlier, in the cooler hours? What Street Wisdom might you experience that you don’t in your normal hours of walking?

4. Ask a stranger

If someone seems to be mastering their levels of coolness and seem up for a chat, cheerily say hello and ask them for top tips on how to keep cool outdoors.

5. Look dapper in that hat

Slap on sunscreen and why not don a charming looking hat? Wander with style.



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