The Wanderful Podcast with David Pearl: Season 2 Finale

By Rachel Crowther

Wanderful: Inspiration On The Go –

Season 2 Finale

“Hello wanderers… welcome to the finale of our second season of ‘Wanderful’.

If you’ve listened to any of the previous episodes, you will know this is a podcast which has been designed to be walked to, providing you with some ‘inspiration on the go’

Every week we invite an inspiring guest to join us… somebody with a refreshing take on life and its various twists and turns.

What you don’t know is that lots of the wonderful conversations get left on the cutting room floor.

However… David and the team have scooped up some of that interview gold so you can take a wander through the magic we missed out on.

As ever… you can listen to this podcast in your home, but we think you will get the most inspiration if you boot up and join David @davidpearl_here @streetwisdom_ out on the streets.

The Season 2 finale features conversations with the founder of ‘The Eden Project’, Sir Tim Smit KBE, chief listener and volunteer executive director of ‘Sidewalk Talk’, Traci Ruble, the great connector, presenter and co-creator, Oli Barrett, columnist for Psychologies magazine, host of the ‘Happy Hacks’ Podcast and founder of ‘Untold Happiness’, Kia Cannons and multi-grammy award singer / composer, Nmon Ford.

Time Line

00.00 – 00.09


00.10 – 03.29

David introduces the Omnibus edition & Traci Ruble

3.33 – 3.44

Traci Ruble ‘back stage’ and ‘on stage’

03.46 – 07.05

The world’s best cold caller

07.07 – 08.18

David introduces Kia Cannons

08.20 – 11.08

Natural Enthusiasm

11.10 – 14.06

Food intolerance and changing dietary lifestyle

14.10 – 15.28

David introduces Oli Barrett

15.32 – 18.45

The great re-framer

18.47 – 21.45

What gives us restoration?

21.49 – 23.02

David introduces Nmon Ford

23.05 – 29.03

How to promote yourself

29.07 – 30.54

David introduces to Sir Tim Smit

30.58 – 32.44

Things are getting boring at Eden – geo-thermal

32.50 – 40.32

Relations with China

42.28  – 44.57

The magic of improvisation

45.00 – 46.34

David circles back to Traci Ruble

46.38 – 47.56

Really meeting

48.49 – 50.14

End credits


Traci Ruble

(On Sidewalk Talk) Its a practice. Its like meditation, but relational meditation. Can I meet you and can I meet myself in this encounter and cultivate this into a practice which is consciousness raising?”

Kia Cannons

“Something I’m grateful for is that I wake up happy. Life has not been easy on many levels but I do have this natural enthusiasm and attitude to life.”

“I have always known there is the tough stuff and the good stuff and you get to choose what you focus on.”

Oli Barrett

“The things that restore us could be nature, music, the company of the people we love. Finding those chances for restoration, not just rest, is absolutely crucial.”

Nmon Ford

“If somebody else with whom you’ve worked, who knows other people can simply send a text message, an email, pick up a phone and call somebody, with who you’d like to work, that would be avenue one  and avenue number two would be just produce it yourself. Write it, find somebody else to write it, find some place to do it and just go ahead and do it.”

Sir Tim Smit

“From the beginning to the end of the concert… the audience was the concert. It was like the music was being drawn out of us, that they were the bards of our inner souls. Talk about happiness… I don’t think I’ve ever been to a concert wherever I looked, even people you imagined to be the shyest mice you’d ever seen, they were all singing, released by this… thing… and it felt like a joyous act of ensemble, with the conductors being the people who were the band. It was an extraordinary thing.”

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