What’s next?

By Rachel Crowther

At a time when we can’t come together to physically share and connect – we think it’s important to do what we can, virtually. Street Wisdom is all about tapping into a source of invisible wisdom and sharing that wisdom.

Over the next few weeks, we are encouraging wanderers from all over the world to take some time to go for a walk and find some answers to the same question. The question we’d like you to wander with is “What’s next?” Your answers could be related to you personally, your wider community or the whole world. As we try to navigate this pandemic, what’s next for us all? We would love for you to share your answers online to help and inspire others.

It’s simple:

Step 1. Get outside and go for a walk

Step 2. As you wander, think about What’s Next? for me, for my community, for the world

Step 3. Share your wisdom and tag us @streetwisdom_

You could share a video or post to tell us about your experience or just a photo of something that inspired fresh thinking. You can also download our free audioguide that’ll guide you through some warm-up exercises to tune-up your senses before asking your question.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and we’ll be sharing your insights online over the next few weeks.

When the world is wobbly, wander.