My Dawn Watch World Wide Virtual Wander.

By Patricia Hart

5am UK time! But as I was in Italy I had an extra hour. Rhonda joined from Vancouver where it was 9pm (26th) and Merinda from Sydney where it was 2pm (27th).

Rhonda spent most of her time out in the darkened streets where it had been raining, and returned home for the Share, while Merinda did the Tune-Ups at home and went outside for the Quest and Share. With two participants there was time to share our Tune-Up experiences. Interestingly, trees and water were important to them both and Rhonda noted the contrast between the business of the street and the calmness of Slowing Right Down, while Merinda said she noticed more detail, especially sounds like bird calls.

Both quests related to their environment with Merinda reconfirming what was so attractive to her in her current location and Rhonda defining her key priorities for a future move.

Clearly, we all enjoyed the experience, gaining a lot of insight from it.

What a great start to my day!