Find some Street Wisdom before your next meeting

By Rachel Crowther

How much inspiration are you finding on the commute from bedroom to laptop? If home working is starting to drain those creative juices, we’ve got something that might help.

Street Wisdom is a powerful way of finding inspiration and fresh thinking by going for a walk. We run online and in-person WalkShops (walking workshops, get it?) to help tap into the wisdom that’s all around. The simple process helps individuals tune in to their environment and find a new way of looking at a problem.

It’s helped business leaders and organisations all across the world and during lockdown we’ve been supporting those businesses in working from home. We’re all adapting to new ways of working but it’s hard to think outside the box, when you’re not leaving the box. Street Wisdom helps homeworkers stay physically and mentally well and gives teams a highly creative way to solve problems, set direction and innovate

As our techniques are best experienced, we want to give you a taster of the approach through our downloadable audioguide. Next time you need some fresh thinking, take some time-out to go for a Wander. All you need to do is think of a question and founder David Pearl will guide you through the rest. This works especially well when used as a team. Ahead of your next team meeting, go for individual wanders, finding answers to the same question and bring this learning to the meeting. We recommend taking an hour but it can be done in 30 minutes. Download our audioguide here.

Street Wisdom is a global non-profit, bringing volunteer-led WalkShops to city streets in over 60 countries around the world. This work is enabled by our work with businesses. If you’d like to use Street Wisdom within your organisation, we ask for you to get in touch to discuss a subscription. We can design online and in-person events as well as video and audio resources to be used internally, to support wellbeing and help in navigating challenges. Get in touch on [email protected].