By David Pearl

Zilingo is moving fast. From startup to a near billion dollar fashion tech company in just a few short years. When you’re growing at such a rate, it’s essential to hit the pause button frequently – to reflect, reorientate and reboot. Which is why Zilingo’s leadership took time out for a Street Wisdom Singapore in Dec 2019.

Zilingo is a phenomenon that began with a Street Wisdom-like flash of inspiration from co-founder and now CEO Ankiti Bose. One day, as she was was back-packing through Thailand she noticed how the bustling markets there were selling everything from slogan T-shirts to fashion dresses. It started her thinking. Why couldn’t the fashion industry as whole (”exploitative, wasteful and, frankly, completely broken”) leverage technology to ensure businesses – no matter how big or small – can have access to a fair, transparent, affordable, fast supply chain?”

When Zilingo’s youthful and irrepressibly innovative leadership experienced Street Wisdom with David, it’s not surprising they found insights on every street corner.

Zilingo’s COO Aadi Vaidya lives a truly non-stop life. For him, slowing down was a revelation – a reminder of the more relaxed pace of his youth in rural India. “I’ve lived in Singapore for a couple of years now and, frankly, until today I thought the environment was a bit bland. During Street Wisdom I feel like I connected for the first time with the city. Saw the interest and humanity and potential that’s all around. I encountered the earlier assumed evasive, soul of Singapore, in its streets.” He even found time to buy flowers for his fiancée.