Street Wisdom: Lunch and Learn Walkshop

By Rachel Crowther

When was the last time you found some inspiration on your lunch break? We are very excited to launch our new Lunch and Learn Walkshops. A facilitated session which provides the opportunity to find out more about the benefits of Street Wisdom for Business and experience a taster of the process. Give your employees the chance to slow down, step (and think) outside of the box – all within an hour.

What is Street Wisdom? Learn how to access the urban environment and find fresh answers to personal or work-related questions with Street Wisdom: a powerful,  guided experience that uses the streets as an invisible university. This inspirational tool has been adopted by corporations, coaches and social groups across the globe – with profound results. At the centre of Street Wisdom lies the idea that every moment is extraordinary and every street is full of inspiration – that there’s no such thing as an ordinary street, just ordinary thinking. Few of us give ourselves time or permission to really focus on the signs and signals that we normally ignore, rich stimulus that can help us learn something new.

The Lunch and Learn Walkshop can be 60 or 90 minutes to suit and is composed of an introduction to Street Wisdom followed by a taster of the experience. It can also be delivered as a breakfast session, to start the day with some inspiration. Learn a powerful tool that can be used to see work challenges with fresh eyes and give your team the chance to slow down, using our urban approach to mindfulness.

For more information or to arrange a facilitated Lunch and Learn Walkshop, get in touch on [email protected]