The benefits of facilitating Street Wisdom

By Rachel Crowther

The experience of leading a Street Wisdom can often be as insightful and rich as taking part. In helping other people to slow down and pay attention, you can’t help but do the same yourself. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and to really connect with them – there’s something about Street Wisdom that creates strong connections, people open up and share.

Some of the benefits of facilitating Street Wisdom include:

  • Getting your local community together to experience their environment in a new, more positive light.
  • Growing your network and meeting people with shared values.
  • Learning a new approach to mindfulness and an accessible problem-solving tool.
  • Passing the Street Wisdom shareware technology on to others and enabling them to do the same.
  • Taking a few hours to step back, slow down and reflect.
  • An insightful and often powerful experience – one that provides others with breakthroughs and life-changing learning too.

We’re reaching out to our community of facilitators all over the world to be part of our annual, global celebration of Street Wisdom – the World Wide Wander. It’s taking place from 20-22 September and our goal is to run 100 events over three days! 

If you’d like to get involved, all you need to do is let us know your preferred date (20-22 September), time and meeting point. We’ll set up the event, send you a shareable link and social media posts to share the event with your networks. It’s simple to run an event, we provide a facilitators pack and an online training session led by Street Wisdom founder David Pearl.

Help us make the world a little bit more wanderful

For more information or to discuss running your own event, get in touch on [email protected].