Climate (quick) Change

By David Pearl

Last time we held an event in London’s Spitalfields market it was the coldest day of the year. Real stamp-your-feet and stick-your-fingers-in-your-mouth-prevent-frostbite cold. Mark even had to retreat to the West Country with a shovel to dig his family out of the snowdrifts. (Tomé Morrissy-Swan from the Telegraph was one of those not deterred by the blizzard.  Read his article here.)

Last week we were back in the same spot (The Grocer – great bar by the way) and it the hottest day of 2018 so far. A scorcher.

Remember that scene from Notting Hill where Hugh Grant through Portobello Market and the seasons gently change around him?  It was like that, except we’d stepped straight from deep winter to high summer in a single step. Snowblind to sunburned.

What hadn’t changed, though, was the focus – to give people who run, lead and/or work in businesses a chance to experience Street Wisdom and understand how it can be powerfully applied in their own organisations. And like the courageous snow-defying group before them, the participants who gathered this time seemed to immerse themselves from the start.  With really powerful results.

When you look at the streets looking for wisdom not just for yourself but for your teams and colleagues, it’s amazing what you learn.   “Some of the most powerful business conversation I’ve had in my life” said one participant, a business education specialist.  “One of the most thought-provoking workshops I have experienced,” said one professional development expert from a huge city law firm, adding “and boy, have I been to a few!”

It’s hard to imagine, a few years ago, hearing these kind of responses from senior business folk. The climate is changing in more ways than one.

If anyone who took part would like to share some of their experiences, we’d love to hear them.  Please leave a comment below.

And if you’re interested to know more about the new work we are doing with organisations around the world, click here, and let’s talk about how we can bring the wisdom in from the street to the boardroom.

Our next Street Wisdom for Business taster session will be taking place in London on Wednesday 6th June from 2-5pm, if you or any colleagues would like to join, get in touch on [email protected]

Written by David Pearl.

Photo by Stefan Lubo.