Get out of the boardroom, get on to the streets

By Rachel Crowther

Why you should be taking your meetings outside…

Walking meetings are increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Most of us are parked at our desks for the majority of the day in the hope of maximising productivity. But, more often than not, it’s having the opposite effect. There are lots of benefits to a ‘walk n talk’, not only is good for business but it can have a big impact on your employee’s well-being:

Sitting is the new smoking: Scarily, recent studies show we are sitting for 12 hours of a 16 hour waking day.  Getting outside for just 20 minutes daily is great for mind and body. By getting the circulation pumping, you are reducing the risk of long-term illnesses and significantly reducing stress levels.

Creative problem solving: The change in scenery, from being outdoors, triggers neuro-pathways in the brain that inspire new ideas. We are also opening ourselves up to the inspiration of our surroundings. After all, answers are everywhere – if we only open our eyes to see them. Stanford researchers found that walking increases creative inspiration and creative output by an amazing 60%.

Team building: Taking a meeting out of the boardroom minimise the formalities which can often limit creative thinking. Walking alongside colleagues flattens out any hierarchy and so personal connections can be more easily formed. People are not stuck in the same seat around a table and can move to interact with different members of their team.

The Street Wisdom approach is transforming the way businesses are thinking. We guide you in using your urban environment to solve problems and tapping into the rich wisdom of the streets to develop new ideas. Whether you are preparing for a change in direction or overcoming a challenging situation, learn how to see things from a fresh perspective and adopt a creative method of problem-solvingOur approach enables you to increase wellbeing and re-energise your team, it can be used in board meetings, away days, strategy sessions or one-on-one leaderships walks.

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