St Anna Platz – Time to Wake Up

By Susanne Taylor

As the weather was still cool, we decided to keep this a somewhat shorter version of Street Wisdom with a quick round of introductions and two perception tuning exercises before heading off on our individual quests.

We seemed to be a group of people of diverse backgrounds (cultural and professional) with one thing in common – a curiosity and an appreciation of mindful exploration. One participant – 3 months newly arrived in Munich used the experience to meet other internationals, while also exploring a neighborhood far from her own. Another, from the neighborhood, was there to rediscover the area.

With two photographers in the group, there was definitely a focus on visual information and the practice of “looking at something in a new way” – which made for a lot of fun when we met up at the café in the Bavarian Baroque Museum to compare shots.

Everyone’s street quest was uniquely different. Someone who was frustrated with lack of appreciation at work, (and was wondering what she could do about it) discovered that she was out-growing her role (and perhaps the company itself) and realized she wanted to focus on herself and up-coming life changes.

arches_by susanne taylor

Another participant realized that there was no big answer that arrived to his question, but that a series of things caught his attention and he needed more reflection time to pull everything together.

Ultimately, it was a pleasant way to “gift” ourselves a bit of time to reflect, slow down, and just be mindful. A mini retreat before things “wake up” and the busy time of Summer arrives.

Susanne Taylor