Pre-holiday Quest in Haidhausen

By Susanne Taylor


It was the perfect Sunday afternoon in November for a quest. Sunny, crisp air, and lots of curiosity.

In preparation for the up-coming time of pre-holiday hectic we gathered in the lovely neighborhood of Haidhausen in Munich. After sharing our favourite streets and where we got inspiration (lots of people mentioned “the shower!” and “outside in nature”) – we took our first stretch and tune-in while wandering through one of the many Christmas markets being set up all over town.

By the time we all met up again, people were noticing that they either completely ignored other people, being so intent on “seeing” their surroundings, or they were attracted to patterns. This was a perfect step for the next tune-in exercise. Since it was a chilly afternoon, and people looked eager to keep moving, everyone could either choose to slow down or look for patterns. Some people even combined them!

The results of this exercise revealed how hard it can be to slow down, but once you do, what you notice is so different. And the meaning you make from what you see can become very philosophical. Someone later remarked, “It’s just about ‘being’ – becoming more aware. Slowing down forces you to not get distracted.”

Another participant also commented on the pattern of the bare branches. “The pattern of the tree branches made me think about my body, the veins that are like that, and how it’s all connected. I’m connected.”

By the time everyone took off on their own quest the sun was slowly setting. Luckily everyone found the little café, tucked back in a cozy and somewhat hidden corner of Munich that few people discover, unless they stumble upon it (like I did!).

German Alpine Foundation in Munich by Susanne Taylor

What the explorers shared was very rewarding:

“My question had 2 options – and I kept seeing things that re-assured me because it pulled me in a certain direction.”

“Not having a destination helped me to get ride of the noise.”

“Seeing the beauty is so ‘simple’ but how to look at life in general. You already have the answers inside.”

“It’s comforting that you can reach that quiet place in you, wherever you are – even walking.”

“I noticed I used to do this with my dog – and I was really productive when I was in that state-of-mind. I even slept better.”

Group photo by susannetaylor

Ultimately people left looking refreshed, centered, thoughtful. Was it the fresh air? The new personal insights? Meeting some new like-minded souls? Whatever it was, the feeling of appreciation and calm seemed to be carried out the door – on towards the new week ahead.