Indelible Mark

By David Pearl

I didn’t know Mark Adams for very long.  Not in earth years anyway.  Which is suprising, when I look back at the impact he had on me and on Street Wisdom.

He bounded into my life in 2013 like the human development ‘tigger’ that he was, brimming with enthusiasm for Street Wisdom and its potential.  It was his idea to start the Street Wizards program.  And it was his irrepressible energy that got it going.

He was the last person you’d expect to get ill.   But I’ll never forget how he broke the news to me.  “I’m going to love this cancer like everything else in my life.”   Not just courageous.  Extraordinarily expansive.

Mark was all about love.   For his life, his adored wife and daughter, for mindfulness, marketing and yes, he really did love Street Wisdom.  When he gave up all other work he still kept attention on the Wizard Program and how it was developing.

He bounced out of this life on 15th October as his wife Kerry put it “passing on to the exciting stuff beyond”.   He was driven to his funeral in his own camper van and Kerry asked all his friends to wear yellow – a colour representing gold, optimism, enlightenment, creativity and sunshine.   Also – and you can hear him laughing about this – it was the colour he went when his original diagnosis knocked his liver off balance.  How’s that for embracing everything in life?

I was in Israel that day and at the exact time of his ceremony my daughter and I looked out of the car to see this… img_3612And what suddenly came on the car radio?  fullsizerender

Mark is clearly having fun up there!

He wouldn’t want us to be sad so we’ll do our best.  Wander well, my friend. We didn’t know you for very long.  But we’ll never forget you.

If you’d like to leave your own thoughts about the impression Mark left on you, you’re welcome to below.  And if you wanted to support a charity Mark cared about – and which cared for him – it’s Forca Against Cancer