FLO state…

By David Pearl

Florentin is a neighbourhood of Tel Aviv that the average tourist might overlook.  But this bustling, hip, multi-cultural quarter – a magnet for new arrivals and refugees – turned out to be a delicious site for the city’s first ever night-time Street Wisdom.  It was hosted by Jonah Fisher and the team at FLO a funky new co-working space for social innovators that’s all about creating community.    Five minutes before we were due to start no one had arrived – hey, this is Israel!  But just after 1900 FLO was buzzing with an international crowd of the curious including participants from Germany, Italy, Russia, Denmark and Australia.

Florentine really comes alive after dark.  Street cafes, bars, bakeries making delicious kadayif, late night hair dressers, tattoo parlours even a Flamenco School…    The street wisdom explorers set out into the warm night with a wonderfully diverse range of questions:  how can I sell my corsets in Israel?…am I on the right path?…should I buy a car now?…how can I feel more safe?…where should I move to?   They returned with tales to tell, insights to share, delightful synchronicities to report and answers to act on.

It was a real joy.  My personal thanks to the FLO team and also to wizards Rei Dishon and Elsa Pearl (leading a group for the first time!).   If you were there, please add your comments below and tell us what happened for you.