Ian Ellison on his Beyond the Workplace Street Wisdom – 24 July 2014

By Melinda McDougall

#BtWC Street Wisdom

I pretty much wrote this post on my way home from a fascinating afternoon in the glorious, baking heat of London. This Thursday was the first ‘official’ #BtWC activity to challenge and consider what the future of work could aspirationally be, hosted by @dds180, @ChrisKane55, @KateGL, @davidmicklem and @SimonHeath1.

I was there with Bob Seddon (the newly appointed chair of the @BIFM_UK Workplace SIG), @ChrisMoriarty3 (surely the best surname in the country?!) and about 50 other intrigued participants, keen to learn what #StreetWisdom was all about.

My question, as part of the #BtWC initiative, was “is territory a good or a bad thing?” and my experience was more than illuminating! I’ve written a full post about it here.

Ian Ellison of Sheffield Hallam University