Street Wisdom features in The Sunday Times

By Mark Brown

When Street Wisdom was conceived, we realised very quickly that its success was only possible if those that participated shared their enthusiasm for it both by facilitating their own events and also by talking about it afterwards. We see Street Wisdom as a ‘movement’ and, as with any political or social movement, we need people to help us spread the word about it. Happily, following a few months of our Street Wisdom Spring (as we affectionately call it), we are now seeing the green shoots of the movement really taking hold. Bloggers who have participated have been blogging and the press is now paying us some attention.

So we’ve set up a new page on our website, ‘In the News’, to share with you what other people are saying about Street Wisdom including press articles such as last weekend’s Sunday Times article. We hope that the content that is on there now represents just the first of many more articles yet to come. Please keep sharing Street Wisdom with your own communities (why not direct them to the new Press page?), ask them to join our community and, above all, host your own events. We hope to be reading more enthusiasm-infused blogs in the coming weeks.

Sunday Times 22ndJune14