World Wide Wander 2020

Welcome to the World Wide Wander with Psychologies Magazine, a series of Street Wisdom events around the world, in-person and online. From 25-27 September 2020, we will be bringing together our community from all over the world for our fourth #WorldWideWander.

We are going to be running a rolling stream of Street Wisdom events online from Friday morning to Sunday evening. A relay of Street Wisdom so anyone can tune-in (and tune-up) from anywhere or any-time, around the world.  Simply join an online WalkShop (there’ll be one starting every two hours on our Zoom channel) from your smartphone or laptop and…

Step 1: Your facilitator will guide you through some warm-up exercises to tune-up your senses

Step 2: Think of a question (in life or work) and find some fresh answers from the streets

Step 3: Reflect on the experience in a virtual sharing session

Here is the full schedule of events taking place, you can book your free space on any one of these events here:

Time BST Friday 25th September Led online from
11:00 Suzy Walker: Editor of Psychologies Magazine London in English
11:00 Claire Bradshaw: Executive Coach and Coach Trainer Manchester in English
11:00 Anne-Cecile Bertrand: Consultant, Researcher & Project Manager Paris in French
13:00 Fiona McBride: L&D Consultant and Yoga Teacher Brighton in English
15:00 Helen Amery: Innate Brilliance Coach Loughborough in English
17:00 Jon Wilde: Mindfulness Teacher Brighton in English
19:00 Maya Twardzicki: Health Psychologist, Coach and Producer London in English
  Saturday 26th September
5:00 Benny Wallington: Founder of 101 Tokens Brisbane in English
7:00 Chris Sollett: R&D at Street Wisdom Alicante in English
9:00 Hilary Gallo: Author of Fear Hack, Speaker and Coach London in English
11:00 Kia Cannons: Empowerment Coach and Columnist at Psychologies Magazine Surrey in English
13:00 Anja Mutic: Travel Writer Zagreb in English
15:00 Natalie Rossiter: Counsellor and Mindfulness Practitioner Manchester in English
16:30 Liz Mohler: Career and Life Coach Los Angeles in English
19:00 Carol Tavernier: Learning and Organisational Development London in English
23:00 Mon Margo: Writer and Content Creator Mexico City in Spanish
Sunday 27th September
5:00 Patricia Hart: Founder of ArchaeoLink Cambridge in English
7:00 Shilpa Limsay: Behavioural Scientist and Leadership Coach Bangalore in English
8:00 Dr Cathryn Lloyd: Founder of Maverick Minds Brisbane in English
11:00 Caterina Lazzerini: Life Coach Milan in Italian
13:00 Melanie Knight: Creative Wanderer London in English
15:00 David Pearl: Founder of Street Wisdom London in English


Book your free space on any of these events.

Street Wisdom can provide a powerful tool in helping people emerge from the emergency of 2020 with clarity and direction. That’s why the focus of this year’s event is going to be ‘finding our way’: as individuals, as communities, as humans. So whether you’re leading your own event, joining a WalkShop or taking part using our free audioguide, we hope you’ll be a part of a special weekend. Alongside this, we’re going to be getting back to the streets for volunteer-led, in-person events. These will all be dependant on local safety guidelines, keep checking our events page and social media to find out where you can join in. If you’d like to run an event yourself, get in touch with us via email. We’ll supply everything you need including a facilitators pack and support in promoting your events. 

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