Wanderful Book

Wanderful – Human navigation for a complex world by David Pearl

The founder of Street Wisdom David Pearl is an innovator in business, the arts and social change. Wanderful is his third book: An indispensable handbook for anyone seeking inspiration and fresh direction. In work. In life. As you’ll discover, the answers to our questions are right in front of our eyes. We walk past them every day. Step by step, Wanderful shows us how to fire up our innate internal guidance system, get off the straight & narrow and find wonder in the everyday. Every day.

24/7 modern city living is having a negative impact on our wellbeing. With mental health issues at an all-time high and city-planners lacking financial resource, how can we discover a way to unhook from the daily routine and find focus and clarity without escaping to expensive (and environmentally costly) exotic locations? Wanderful aims to answer that conundrum by offering an alternative way of looking at life and work using the city streets as an experiential learning tool. Based on the last 10 years learnings of author David Pearl’s work with Street Wisdom, Wanderful introduces the reader to a forward- thinking system designed to help people answer their life questions and find new non-linear direction in our complex, AI focused world.

Wanderful explores:
• How to awaken your intuition
• Breaking the tyranny of straight-line thinking
• Learning how, and the benefits of, getting lost
• Switching on the intelligences that reside in your body
• How to talk to strangers and learn from them
• Walking your way to better decisions
• How to invite more synchronicity and happy accident into your life

All profits from Wanderful will be donated to Street Wisdom.

‘Gets your mind off the beaten track’  Sir Ken Robinson

‘Wanderful is an essential, playful guide to help you discover your true path in life.’ Suzy Walker, editor, Psychologies Magazine