Walk to Work

Who knew we’d miss commuting?

Not the noise, the crush and the stress. But the time. The time to transition from home to work life. The me-time. The time-out you need to unhook from all the domestic stuff/your private life, take a breath and really set up the day.

Join Street Wisdom for a virtual Walk to Work.

It’s a guided, 45-minute morning wander that works even if the journey to work is only up the stairs to your bedroom/office. Devised for businesses by the experience team at Street Wisdom Walk to Work helps you to:

-Clear your mind
-Power up your energy
-Set up your day
-Connect with colleagues
-Learn something new

We customise every session to your organisation and no two weeks are the same. It’s a chance to feature company leaders, connect employees and share company stories. And your virtual morning walk stays fresh and inspiring.

These sessions can be joined from home or out on the streets, participants dial in using audio-only so can be off-camera.

Get in touch to arrange a session on contactus@streetwisdom.org