Lucky Creation (San Francisco)

Good LuckLucky Creation is the name of a wonderful vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown.  It’s also the place where we found ourselves discussing all that happened in our Street Wisdom on 4th April, the first ever event to be held in the USA.   We hadn’t planned to be there, but that’s Street Wisdom.  The right thing just sort of happens.   We didnt order off the very complex menu.  Having spent the morning trusting the environment to send us insights and learnings, we just asked our hosts to serve us what they thought was right.  Good call.    We talked.  We ate.  We talked through our Street Wisdom experiences.  We talked about being Intensely Laid-Back.  We thought about being Defiantly Happy.  We laughed.  We ate some more.   And to finish everyone had a go summing up their experience in a few short words on a postcard.   Here are some of those comments…

“I was wondering if I should move house.  Then I saw a business sign which read Hang On Realty”   Daniel

“Decided to decide later”  Erin

“It’s easy to forget your feet hurt”  Byron

“Experience Nature, City and Art with a child’s mind”  Paul

“Sacred City Streets.  They speak to you…”   Michelle

“It was refreshing to go for a walk with open eyes looking around and within for clues about things in my life”  Doug

All great comments – and do keep them coming!   And maybe the most succinct – and certainly most tasty – comment of all?  Lucky Creation.

Street Wis San Fran IMG_696220140405_100912_Clay St