Be here now – Writers Ink

It was a beautiful spring afternoon when the group members of Writers Ink – Creative Writing Group – based at Coalville Library, Leicester, undertook a Street Wisdom walk to seek answers and writing inspiration.

We took the walks slow and steady noticing anything and everything. One member remarked “what is insignificant becomes significant”. Who knew a discarded hairband would become an infinity sign? Who would ordinarily notice a tiny sticker on the pavement that said the word Champion?

We all thoroughly enjoyed the walk. One member mentioned she had never been to certain areas of the town – even having lived here for a while, and found it very refreshing. Another member noticed there were lots of opposites – magnolia next to holly and old edwardian fronts next to modern shops – finding the positioning of opposites charming.

We all said we noticed what we wouldn’t have ordinarily and the group leader found her question “how can I procrastinate less?” answered in chalk written on a wall – the answer was “be here”.

Insightful and inspirational.

Thank you!

Katie Sone   Write Away Arts

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