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Hugo PereiraHugo Pereira

February 2013 was a month where I was going through a personal development programme to find more about what I was really passionate about.Hugo Pereira

I could not find an answer since my previous experiences were not connecting to each other and I was not sure what I wanted to fight for.


While going to London I kept the question in my mind “What connects and brings all experiences where I was at my best?”.

While walking around the city, entering cafes, and just enjoying the view, I realized a very small cafe in a corner which had a very unusual environment.

When entering I seat in a corner and start journaling and looking around. While looking at people I’ve realized how much could be done to improve the lifestyle of mankind.

While in this process I came across the concept of humanist technologist, a person passionate about technology that seeks to benefit massive positive impact in mankinds lifestyle.

It was broad but it helped setting me straight. I’ve realized since then that my work had to be flexible. My purpose, drive and my daily job had to be connected to the core of the product/service I would be promoting.

Today I am leading the product development and strategy for a career management platform and truly believe it can help people find their path in an easier way. Just wait and see 🙂

If it was not for the concept of living the moment, watching the things around and looking for an answer while just observing and looking for signs I would not reach such conclusion.Thanks!

Hugo Pereira, Talentsquare