Creative Hoxton

“I can’t remember the last time that I walked without having a destination in mind” says James Kirk one of the leaders of Creative Social, a collective of the world’s most pioneering, creatives/business owners.  He and CS co-founder Daniele Fiandaca had been wanting to organize an event with Street Wisdom for ages.   And last week the planets aligned.   Perfect timing – as it was also half term at the School for Communication Arts so SCA2 Dean Marc Lewis could join us in Hoxton Square – in the sputtering rain – to spark the whole experience off.

And quite an experience it was.

Street Wisdom is chance to slow down, recalibrate your creativity and realise that the answers to your problems are hiding in plain sight” says James.  “It opened my eyes to the magic that surrounds us everyday.”

Sally Henderson of Pello agreed:  Often the wisdom we search for is right in front of us, literally under our noses looking right back at us. But we are too busy and caught up in the noise of “life” to see it.

The simple yet very powerful techniques of Street Wisdom enabled me to slow down, tune in and get connected. With my environment, new people, new and old places but most importantly with myself. And I am richer for it. 

The Sharing, held in a “secret flat’ above a Hoxton pub [think Smiley’s People meet the Kray twins] was one of the most creative we’ve ever seen with books being created, careers refined, projects reframed…

One of the mantras of Creative Social is John Hegarty’s advice:  “Do interesting things and interesting things happen to you”.  Quite!   Let’s do it again soon and unleash the creativity on the world!