Chris, ‎ITV

Firstly, it was just a wonderfully indulgent day… like a spa treatment for the old noggin; a chance to consciously slow the pace, and just notice things – to simply stop for a second and realise how unfamiliar our supposedly familiar environment actually is. I saw Covent Garden in a totally new light, and it felt as if I was viewing it through a brand new filter. And it was this freshness, and my concentration on newly discovered details, that provided the spark for ideas and thoughts.

In terms of my own ‘quest’, I set out with a personal challenge around which I wanted some answers. When we came back as a group after the exercise on the street, I had a much more specific question. I initially found that disappointing… but then quickly realised that how I’d articulated this question actually held the key to my answer!

It’s a relatively gentle creative technique on the face of it, and oddly solitary, but I think it’s actually pretty powerful. There’s inspiration everywhere, and Street Wisdom helps you see it in new ways, as if your very eyeballs had been replaced!

Chris Goldson, Sales Director at ITV