Street Wisdom Comes Home

Street Wisdom is a wanderful experience you have to do out there – in the street, right? Actually no. With all that’s happening we wanted to help you focus on staying calm, grounded and inspired without leaving the house. Time to bring Street Wisdom Home.

We have applied our WalkShop techniques to your home and garden (if you have one). So you can still find everyday inspiration. Every day.

Here’s how we are going to do that, together:

–  The 10 min video below is a step-by-step guide to tune you to your familiar surroundings in a very new way. Follow our founder David Pearl as he wanders through his own – reassuringly messy home to find inspiration in places even he didn’t know existed.

–  Every Monday we will be sharing below some more inspiring mini-quests to do in the home and the Street Corner video meetup will be open every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm BST (3pm GMT). Our next meetups will be on 7th and 9th April. Just follow this zoom link then. You never know who you might meet there!

We’re all on pretty unfamiliar ground.  Let’s stay connected, inspired and engaged every step of the way.


Week 1 Mini Quest – Lost and Found

Come and spend time with us on the Street Corner.

Hoppers Street Corner
Illustration courtesy of Giuseppe Boscherini – visual facilitator /