Samsung – From Stores to Experiences

“A life-changing experience which changed all of my team’s perspective on people.”

What our client needed

Samsung decided to redesign their retail shops as Experience Stores. This required a culture shift in the store staff, specifically in how to create an experience for customers. They reached out to Street Wisdom to contribute to a two-week residential course. The aims of the street-based workshops were to enhance human connectivity, empathy and curiosity with translatable results to a retail environment.

How we responded  

Street Wisdom delivered a bespoke two-hour experience for 230 participants on the streets of London in week 1 followed by an inspirational keynote speech from Street Wisdom founder David Pearl. Participants built on their Street Wisdom skills in week 2 with workshops in London and Manchester for groups of 65. The focus of the workshops were discovering personal passions and developing confidence around interacting with strangers, using the street as inspiration. In order to maximise budget and personnel, we trained 20 in-house facilitators to work with us as ‘Street Wizards’.

And the results were…

Participants reported a significant shift in perception throughout the process. As sales staff, interacting with strangers in the street developed their ability to find common ground, built confidence and enhanced communication skills. People they met became allies rather than simply potential customers. Reflecting on their own passions allowed participants to connect with others in a meaningful way and enabled them to return to the shop floor with new insights around customer interactions.

‘This was probably the most profound and insightful two hours I’ve ever spent in my life. Thank you!’  Participant

I learned that we are always able to connect with people on a personal level, there will always be something in common – it doesn’t just need to be employee/customer. Don’t be scared to interact with people and always know that no matter who it is that you decide to speak to, there is always a common ground.’ Participant

‘I’m looking forward to going back to the store and talking to customers, really enjoying the time with every person.’ Participant