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by David D'Souza Head of Engagement & Head of London, CIPD on Street Wisdom
An incredible tool and important movement

The remarkable thing about Street Wisdom is that it works. It works for the vast majority of the hundreds of people that I've seen make use of it and it works in profound and important ways. I've seen people choose to not to get a dog and people choose to leave the country. What they have in common is that Street Wisdom has helped them resolve a seemingly irresolvable problem. Whether for personal exploration or to encourage creativity in business, Street Wisdom is an incredible tool and important movement.

by Sheridan on Street Wisdom
Brain-Friendly and Healthy Enlightenment
Event: March 22nd - Liverpool

Despite it being cold and wet (at least initially) and having a small amount of scepticism, I found the event held by Tim Scott to be incredibly useful. I love being outdoors anyway - fresh air and activity are good for learning. 3 of the 4 warm up exercises provided insight - especially the first, so I started my 'Quest' with hope. Having a good question in mind is important to make the experience worthwhile, as is having the ability to make connections yourself as you are essentially on your own. Once I started to see 'answers' I was naturally drawn to more of the same images which reinforced my conclusion. I loved the debrief and the fact that different participants took different meanings from the same sights (depending on their question). So now "What" I need to do is much clearer. "How" still needs to be decided, and I suspect that the street may not give me that.

by Graham on Street Wisdom
Makes you think..
Event: RSA Street Wisdom in London

My first experience of Street Wisdom after attending several events at the wonderful RSA. I didn't know what to expect, but I did hope for fun as well and perhaps a little learning and discovery. Oddly enough the location around The Strand, Charing Cross, Covent Garden, once my workspace, took on the role of playground for the afternoon. Did I find my answer? I'm not sure. I've been searching all my life. I did find plenty of intriguing signs, or were they merely coincidences? I did gain acceptance that it's not only okay to play in life and work, it's actually important to achieving my answers.

by Tony on Street Wisdom
A joy to be involved. A joy to help out.
Event: Tuesday 7th March - RSA London

What a magnificent & fulfilling experience! Reflecting after facilitating my first ever Street Wisdom group of 6 wonderful people, I cant help regretting that I didn't do it sooner. Its such a powerful process - the insights and answers that my group gathered from their wanderings around Covent Garden and the Strand was quite moving - and the process is just so simple to use. Thanks for the opportunity Street Wisdom guys. Cant wait to do it again soon. TW

by Patricia on Street Wisdom
Time to Look and Think
Event: RSA London Street Wisdom

Wonderful to just meander ...But why is it that I needed to join the group to give myself permission to take time out to really perceive, to slowly absorb my environment ? Life for many of us is so restrictive in our rush to accomplish ... Yet taking the time to really experience, to 'smell the roses', to let the messages in, is so very valuable.

by David Goddin on Street Wisdom
Slow down and take time to think
Event: Street Wisdom London (RSA)

This was my first Street Wisdom event. I'd heard lots of good things from friends, peers and clients so wanted to experience it myself. In part curiosity, in part to compare it to the coaching work that I do but also to work through a specific challenge I've been grappling with.The whole experience was simple and enjoyable from start to finish. The priming questions and "tuning in" worked simply and brilliantly for all of us. That slowing down was a good reminder and also a source of richness. I found it particularly useful taking a few moments to share our noticing and experiences with each other. Something quite affirming as well as an opportunity to see the world through others eyes. I then found I was very well set up to take time to think further on my question/challenge. In fact in the next 45mins I found I had absolute clarity and clear actions on what I was going to do next. As a practicing coach there's familiar territory here but I was delighted at how quickly and simply I was able to work through something I'd been grappling with.Street Wisdom is simply great. I love the concept, the process and how well it worked for me as well as for others. It's simply a lovely opportunity to slow down and take time to think. Personally that's now helping me to go fast. I highly recommend it.

by Louise on Street Wisdom
Mindfulness at Walk
Event: Mindfulness at Work, The Clubhouse, St. James's

This was my second Street Wisdom experience. It was as powerful and transformational as the first 4 year ago. The tuning up to being mindful of all the information present to us in every moment was almost scientific in its simplicity and effectiveness. And with David’s sage input, I was able to hone my question so it too was simple and effective. And the outcome – the purest and most brilliant clarity. This has subsequently allowed me to calmly focus on what I know is my purpose, with complete integrity and truth. Once again David, you have enabled me to unravel what was keeping me in knots on a cognitive level, by enlisting the wisdom of the street and listening to my heart. #deepbowofgratitude #appliedmindfulness

by Ruth on Street Wisdom
7 dials
Event: 7 dials

A really interesting experience! gave me a fresh outlook on being in the street in general and helped me to be more observant but also go within too.

by Robert on Street Wisdom
Answers in your own back yard!

Remember Dorothy from "The Wizzard of OZ?" She always dreamed of far away places but found out there is wisdom and discovery in one's own back just need to slow down and look closely.I attended a Street Wisdom session on the recommendation of a friend who had an amazing experience a few weeks back on a walk-about with a Street Wisdom facilitator. My walk was quite literally in my own back yard...two blocks from a former flat ant 5 minutes from current residence. The experience is an amazing opportunity to slow down, be in the NOW for a few hours and to let that spaciousness help with an important question that has been too much on your mind. The ability to share your experience and insights (not mandatory!) is incredibly therapeutic. Highly recommended!

by Melanie charles on Street Wisdom
Tune in to you
Event: Southbank, London10 dec 2016

A friend recommended Street Wisdom. She couldn't put into words what it did for her and why it was so amazing. She said. Just go. You wont regret it. So I went. She was right. I didn't . I tuned in. I listened. I watched for the signs. I slothed off the stresses of the days, weeks and year and was able to hear what the streets were telling me.I even got asked out on a date. You'll never know what your inner wisdom is telling you unless you take time for you. And this event shows exactly how to hear what is being told.I would highly recommend.

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