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by Beth on Street Wisdom
Oh Manchester, so much to answer for
Event: Street Wisdom: Manchester, UK - with the Mindful Living Show

I heard about this event through the Mindful Living Show and booked the morning off work, eager to explore what the streets had to offer me. Three hours of doing something entirely for myself is not part of my normal daily narrative. Having my phone switched off is normally only something I do during solo cinema trips where the plan is usually to immerse myself in someone else's world. This time I not only had the added benefit of being outside, but walking around very familiar surroundings that offered up so much new information to me. I came with a question and left with an answer and some really positive reflections on the experiences of my peers. An absolute treat for the mind, body and soul that left me thinking about it for days.

by Tisho on Street Wisdom
Street Wisdom from California to Bulgaria
Event: Street Wisdom from California to Bulgaria

I have to admit - I participated once after having guided 4 events. What's the difference? Well, for me it was the pure joy of learning and establishing contact with lovely people! No matter whether I am participant or a guide, there's so much new perspective from what I observe and what people bring in and share. I love it and my intention is to continue lead and use SW as a tool for myself and to facilitate the process of strangers. It is amazing and shortens the distance between us, humans, in this era of digital communication and information overload. Just find the closet one and join, or dare to care and organise one yourself! See you on the streets!

by Mark Baines on Street Wisdom
Structure and permission
Event: Frome

I did lots of street walking as a hitchhiker travelling around Europe in my twenties and got to know many towns and cities well. I love it as a way to learn about cultures and places.I love it, and miss it as an older adult, as it always seemed like a 'guilty' pleasure. But now I've learned that I'm not alone, that there is real value in it, and that it can really be a good thing to do!Thank you Brett, you are a very wise man!

by Edward Effron on Street Wisdom
World Wide Wander in Vidracco
Event: Street Wisdom in Vidracco

However late, I'd like to thank Esperide for leading, what I am calling, the "wisdom walk".  I have found my sense of awareness to have been increased many fold - not just sight but also, touch, smell and hearing. I am more likely to walk somewhere rather than drive for a few minutes. I'm enjoying finding beauty in almost everything and if it's not so beautiful, I imagine what it could be.

I was recently in London, a city I've lived in and know well, and found I did not give into the hustle and bustle of the big city life. I walked or took buses finding new joy in observation on many levels.  However, I'm afraid I lose hold of the question while participating in this rejuvenation. Well, I'll have to try harder as I could use some answers

by Kalia and George on Street Wisdom
Thank you!
Event: Fleet Street, London

We really enjoyed our Street Wisdom experience this morning with Angela Wells. Her gentle and approachable nature, helped to create a sense of mutual understanding and flow within the group. We particularly enjoyed the ‘tuning in’ exercises, where we took the time to observe, interact and appreciate our surroundings. We were able to find lots of small ‘clues’, which gave us more insight into our own personal questions.It was a beautiful experience! Thank you!

by anon on Street Wisdom
Street Wisdom Walk
Event: Southbank Saturday 1 October

Learning to slow down, observe and look to see the beauty in everyone and everything was a new challenge, a big change from the usual rushing through daily life as a stressed out blur. It has helped to learn to see a familiar city environment in a new and more positive light. I highly recommend Street Wisdom and building it in to daily life.

by John on Street Wisdom
Sunny Southbank
Event: Street Wisdom event, Southbank, London

A beautiful sunny morning @ the Southbank, London in the capable hands of Melanie. What a motivating morning. 3 valuable hours to relax & focus on the 'big question'. What was 'Work 2' became 'Life 2' after my wanderings along the Thames. The tune-up time was incredibly powerful. I joined the event a skeptic - I left a convert. Mindfulness works!

by Egle on Street Wisdom
Event: Street Wisdom in Vidracco, Damanhur, Italy

What a fun morning with such an international group! There were also three dogs with us and they seemed to understand what we were doing. The exercises to expand our senses are so well designed that they really took me in a state of presence and mindfulness --- that is the answer to the question 🙂

by Jane on Street Wisdom
Basking in Bath
Event: Bath with Dave Wiles

A great afternoon which gave me time and space to see where my feet and heart led me. Without trying: ideas, thoughts, connections, smiles, new noticings, came to me. I let myself be open-hearted and slow and some of my fragments came back together. Thoroughly recommend it.

by Lizzy on Street Wisdom
Timeless in Frome
Event: Street Wisdom event

What a sense of freedom it is to spend a morning with strangers, also curious minded who are all brought together by Street Wisdom. We had a very interesting time led by Brett Sadler who provided the structure and thought provocations. 4 x 10 minute wanders, alone or with another person, each with a different 'theme' which enabled us to observe, take time, enjoy just being in the streets. Then we had an hour to wander and contemplate a question in our head. I had a lovely wander with a fellow wanderer and our conversations ranged wide and far and then we all met up in a cafe for hot chocolate and cakes kindly provided by the RSA. What did I get out of it? Gold dust insights; the idea that I will incorporate time into daily life for the unexpected, for conversations with strangers and not to be in a headlong rush. Easier said than done but this was a wonderful beginning.

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