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by Louise on Street Wisdom
Mindfulness at Walk
Event: Mindfulness at Work, The Clubhouse, St. James's

This was my second Street Wisdom experience. It was as powerful and transformational as the first 4 year ago. The tuning up to being mindful of all the information present to us in every moment was almost scientific in its simplicity and effectiveness. And with David’s sage input, I was able to hone my question so it too was simple and effective. And the outcome – the purest and most brilliant clarity. This has subsequently allowed me to calmly focus on what I know is my purpose, with complete integrity and truth. Once again David, you have enabled me to unravel what was keeping me in knots on a cognitive level, by enlisting the wisdom of the street and listening to my heart. #deepbowofgratitude #appliedmindfulness

by Ruth on Street Wisdom
7 dials
Event: 7 dials

A really interesting experience! gave me a fresh outlook on being in the street in general and helped me to be more observant but also go within too.

by Robert on Street Wisdom
Answers in your own back yard!

Remember Dorothy from "The Wizzard of OZ?" She always dreamed of far away places but found out there is wisdom and discovery in one's own back just need to slow down and look closely.I attended a Street Wisdom session on the recommendation of a friend who had an amazing experience a few weeks back on a walk-about with a Street Wisdom facilitator. My walk was quite literally in my own back yard...two blocks from a former flat ant 5 minutes from current residence. The experience is an amazing opportunity to slow down, be in the NOW for a few hours and to let that spaciousness help with an important question that has been too much on your mind. The ability to share your experience and insights (not mandatory!) is incredibly therapeutic. Highly recommended!

by Melanie charles on Street Wisdom
Tune in to you
Event: Southbank, London10 dec 2016

A friend recommended Street Wisdom. She couldn't put into words what it did for her and why it was so amazing. She said. Just go. You wont regret it. So I went. She was right. I didn't . I tuned in. I listened. I watched for the signs. I slothed off the stresses of the days, weeks and year and was able to hear what the streets were telling me.I even got asked out on a date. You'll never know what your inner wisdom is telling you unless you take time for you. And this event shows exactly how to hear what is being told.I would highly recommend.

by Cristina on Street Wisdom
Event: 27/12/16 old town bilbao

This activity really showed me the way in order to answer my question! I really liked it and sure I will do it again. Thanks Ines to teach us how to use the street wisdom technique

by Chris Bemrose on Street Wisdom
Learning to love in Bognor
Event: Street Wisdom walk in Bognor Regis, 19th December 2016

Six intrepid souls turned up for the Street Wisdom walk in Bognor on a wintry day. They came from Lewes, Chichester and, of course, Bognor itself. After the initial exercises to tune ourselves to the street we came up with questions for which we were looking for answers. One had become confused with the multiplicity of options for moving house. Another was wondering about possible new directions in work. A third was wondering about how to manage their team more effectively at work. Others were seeking inspiration for new year's resolutions or ideas for new interests to take up.In all cases, it seemed, the street offered something to say, whether in the form of particular signs or notices that resonated with people, encounters with passers-by or sights that connected to people's memories and thoughts. The person wondering about new jobs, for example, was struck by their deadening response to a notice full of rules and regulations for a train company; they then felt their heart lighten when they saw a caravan on which there was a notice saying that the occupier was a handyman available for work. From this, they recognised their struggle with authority and that they were more likely to find fulfilment in a self employed or handyman type role than they would in a large organisation with all the multiple levels of hierarchy that this invariably requires. Different people with the same question would inevitably have been struck by different things, and hence been led to different conclusions.Over a welcome cup of tea we concluded that it had been a worthwhile way to spend an afternoon. It gave us a set of skills that can be used to help again and again in all kinds of decision-making. For some the hardest part of the exercise had been learning to love Bognor Regis – but even the most hardened of us found something to love.

by louise on Street Wisdom
Wandering in Windsor
Event: Windsor xmas party street walk

Our group went out with questions around a common theme - what gift we most wanted for 2017, whether it be better balance or more time with our loved ones or to spend doing things we care about. Some came back with a clearer head; a new perspective of a town they'd never noticed in detail. Some came back with new perspectives on their lives and more focused plans for next year. We slowed down, chilled out, understood that cities can be places to thrive in, not just escape from. We noticed street signs, "Be present", "Indulge", "Share the happiness"; and architecture; and other people's relationships and ways of being with each other (especially mothers and daughters); and street decorations that became metaphors for life and in which we saw ourselves reflected back. The street has a lot to give...

by David Hoilloway on Street Wisdom
learning New Skills remembering old ones
Event: New Cross Road

Thank you Andrew Paine for your facilitation and followup. You took us through a wonderful journey. New Cross Road will never be the same again. As a trainer, an anthropologist and qualified community worker, I had an instant feel for Street Wisdom but actually rolling through the programme was mental rejuvenation - the pollution on the A2 probably didn't do much for me physically, but I am an urban dweller so lungs are well coated. I saw angels that I have never noticed before and visited a book shop with books which had a wide differentiation from kindle books and provided a whole new book experience for me, It focused my question, provided some answers, provided a new tool for considering professional/personal project interaction and stimulated a contact that responded and we have arranged a meeting. I am now about to invite some people who I know will be interested and will have an experience that will help them in their professional work and personal initiatives. And it will help me improve my facilitation skills.

by Liz Sivell on Street Wisdom
A new lease of life
Event: Creative Social Hoxton Sq

A great way to find a new lease of life, you may not have been expecting it, or maybe you were but couldn’t see it? An amazing and enlightening experience that you can take with you everywhere and play around with! Something not to be missed and always to be re-leased whenever you need it.

by Geraldine on Street Wisdom
Inspiration in Brixton
Event: Brixton Street Wisdom with Philip and others

Here's what I noticed: Joy, Reliance, Electricity, David Bowie shrine, disappearing blue letters, Sharpeville monument, Scandi-style apartments, unexpectedly rough texture of sculpture, 'where it was winter it's now summer in my heart', golden leaves, Save Our Libraries, toxic revenge tale, sensory overload browsing the spice aisle, sexy body stockings next to sensible vests, finding a way through my narrative maze. Only in Brixton, only for me, only today. Thank you fellow wisdom seekers.

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