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by RD on Street Wisdom
feeling empowered
Event: Ines, May 2018, London

I'm amazed at the transformative power this session has generated for me! I feel liberated to move in whatever direction, without the fear of failing, because it is clear to me where I'm heading.

by Sandra Gilfillan on Street Wisdom
A Rich Experience.
Event: Chester Street Wisdom with Jo Walley 2/7/18

I did the Street Wisdom event with Jo in Chester yesterday.  From noticing the Van sign that reminded everyone to drink water, to the statue of a baby elephant that really stood out for me, I really did feel the streets were teaching me things. It was great to share with other people. I feel my question was like a Russian Doll, at one level quite simple but with other questions within it. I got the answer I needed anyway! I'm looking forward to doing it again, both as a participant and a leader, it's a lovely way to get to know yourself, other people and the place you do it in, a lot better.

by Christoffel on Street Wisdom
Stand and Stare
Event: Outside Whitby Museum, Pannett Park (30/6/18)

The few hours spent with Jacquie and the group in Pannett Park area, proved to be an inspiration! There were surprising revelations and creativity flowed! How does it work, I ask? Can it be that the answers are already out there but needed the “stand-and-stare” experience for it to come to me. A valuable lesson learnt : to slow down, really observe and take time to notice what is around me. Thank you so much Jacquie for this wonderful insight into the power of the mind. Highly recommended!

by Ulli on Street Wisdom
Heartwarming and so liberating
Event: 23rd June Portobello outdoor workshop to get answers to your life questions

Vernon, thank you so much for a most nurturing, eye and heart opening, inspiring, invigorating afternoon. I had arrived dented and wobbly, and your phenomenal intuition and empowerment left me with new strength, clarity and drive. Thank you so much for your wonderful skilled, and immensely wise, loving and alert support and guidance. The exercises created a lovely gentle path of inner exploration. Thank you!!!

by Jennifer on Street Wisdom
Modern art & fresh perspectives on the South Bank
Event: Street Wisdom South Bank (16Jun18)

I joined Nishe, Rachel and a lovely collection of Wisdom-seekers on the South Bank. The simple structure makes it easy to get as much or as little out of it as you want to. For some people it was simply a chance be more mindful of the environment around us and see things differently when not rushing through the world on a busy commute or with an agenda or deadline (and the modern art installations round the South Bank are perfect for learning to see things from new angles!). Others of us were looking for a new angle on a specific personal question. I struggled a little bit to keep focus on my question, and kept finding inspiration for my personal side project that I wasn't supposed to be focusing on. But that was still a valuable experience! At one point I spoke to an older guy who was busking to tell him I loved something he sang - he told me it was one he'd written himself, then he went back to singing some old-time classics. The interaction really reminded me that it's ok for me to try to do something I love alongside trying to earn a living, it doesn't have to be either/or. So perhaps it didn't matter that I couldn't focus solely on my single question after all... It was an inspiring morning. Thanks Nishe and Rachel!

by Sheila on Street Wisdom
Respite and reflection
Event: Street wisdom Glasgow

I enjoyed spending time with the group facilitator Gary and my fellow participants.An oasis of time and space created in busy lives, to notice and just 'be'.I didn’t know what to expect but this was different and a great experience which I would recommend to anyone considering taking time whatever and get in touch with anything they care to.

by Grace on Street Wisdom
Great Fun!
Event: Street Wisdom Glasgow

Hi, just wanted to say a huge thank you to Gary Loftus for a wonderful Street Wisdom experience in Glasgow today. Didn't know exactly what to expect but, as Gary asked, keep an open mind, and I did! I'm Glasgow born and bred and I found some new things in the city-centre I never knew were there. I talked to strangers and learned about myself and other people. Would highly recommend going on one of these experiences in your own local area and take a few friends. It'll certainly change the shape of your day and going forward, increased awareness when out and about in general. Don't want to say too much and spoil the refreshing experience. Thank you, Gary. x

by Kate on Street Wisdom
Thank you

An amazing experience through very simple steps. Our street wizard Gary was very inspirational and had very good energy. I will definitely practice mindless walking and wandering and hopefully share this with others in the future. It was a lovely treat for the mind, thank you so much.

by Kate on Street Wisdom
Salford Quays (The Lowry)
Event: 3rd May 2018 with Gary Loftus

Gary creates a really good safe space to explore and access our inner wisdom. He is a skilful authentic facilitator and Street Wizard. These events provide a wonderful opportunity to slow down and be inspired. Highly recommended

by Ruth on Street Wisdom
Street Wisdom Shoreditch
Event: Street Wisdom Shoreditch

A large group (about 20?) of us met at the bandstand on a chilly but amazingly sunny Saturday morning in March. We met our guides and got to know each other a bit with a go round question 'What's your favourite street? I couldn't think of mine, I just kept thinking 'mine's a beach'! Then we were given our first instructions and off we went. The two hours we spent noticing and looking for answers had a kind of timeless feel about them. It helped being in a part of London I wasn't that familiar with, I felt more curiosity about my surroundings. Although I had done Street Wisdom once before in January 2017, I liked the way the questions were phrased slightly differently to how I remember : 'look for the patterns and what connects them' for example. My question was around the best use of my time after feeling some doubt about the course I had set myself on. Mysteriously, with the aid of a question sheet one of the guides had given us at the end, I came to my answer. We were advised that the answers might not come on that particular day but I was very glad mine did. (I decided I was on the right track I just needed to put firmer boundaries around what I wanted to do and what others were inviting me to do, really reflect before making decisions that involve others.) So glad I bothered to get up out of bed and do this Street Wisdom, it had a magical quality for me (as did the previous year's) and I felt as if I done something very satisfying and nurturing. Thanks to the two guides who organised it, Ines and Jane, they held the space really well for us and gave us a chance to share at the end (I would have stayed longer but had a thing to get to at 2pm).

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