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by Ian Pettigrew on Street Wisdom
Had a really insightful time in York
Event: Street Wisdom York

Amazing, insightful session which even prompted me to blog about it.

by Gavin Presman on Street Wisdom
Soho wonders
Event: House of St Barnabas Street Wisdom

A wonder full group gathered at The House of St Barnabas to experience Street Wisdom. It was a pleasure to facilitate for such a wise and curious group, and welcoming then in the gorgeous House of St Barnabas chapel in Soho Square made the event all the more magical.Here is a lovely poem that sums up the event perfectly

by Joanne on Street Wisdom
First on my own and then with others!
Event: Street Wisdom for International Coaching Week in York

I was asked to co-facilitate a Street Wisdom event in York so that we could accept a larger group of people, working alongside an experienced leader. I'd prepared in advance - I work as a coach-facilitator and Jez was putting the event on for Coaching York, so I was reasonably confident - and the open source, facilitator's Street Wisdom notes were crystal clear. I also downloaded the audio guide from this site so that I could experience it for myself beforehand. The event was magical. We met on the steps of York Minster and the weather was perfect. Everyone seemed to embrace the whole thing and the 'tell' session at the end was moving - more than one of us was in tears. Not everyone had shared their quest but it but they all learnt from the experience in ways which surprised them. For days afterwards I was telling people about it and I'm now going to run an event myself. Yeah, of course, I want to be a wizard!

by Claire on Street Wisdom
Finding the unexpected in Leicester Square
Event: Leicester Square

This was my first Street Wisdom event and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks to Fay, our kind and insightful facilitator, our small group connected quickly and engaged in the exercises. I gained new perspective on Leicester Square, with the unexpected bonus of Buddha's birthday celebrations beside us! I look forward to another event.

by Tim on Street Wisdom
Beautifully curated and facilitated experience
Event: London 27 April - Southbank

Second time I've done Street Wisdom. I loved this one even more than the first. The host, Philip, was a total gent - extremely kind, friendly, and encouraging. We were a small but perfectly formed little group. I had a very strong, positive experience. I took the question: 'How can I get more involved in my local community?'. The answer came in how I went about finding it....I took my courage and spent a lot of the time approaching strangers to ask them what they thought. I realised that this is how I can get more involved in my local community: by speaking to more people. Bingo!

by Simon on Street Wisdom
At times euphoric
Event: Stroud on April 20th, 2019

Anna gave us a wonderful first Street Wisdom experience at the Farmers' Market in Stroud. It didn't hurt that the British weather decided to behave perfectly - even the weather forecasters were proved 100% accurate. I personally found the exercises during the first hour to be the most useful and enjoyable. I find it a real challenge to be mindful, but these exercises gave me a real focus which I hope I'll be able to use on a daily basis from now on. The remainder of the day proved very interesting...the other people who had signed up were a very friendly and interesting group...I guess this is the sort of event that attracts people who are open to new experiences. All in all I'd highly recommend trying a day learning some Street Wisdom, and I'd recommend Anna as somebody to introduce you to the concepts involved.

by Tim Segaller on Street Wisdom
So simple, so powerful
Event: Covent Garden, London street wisdom

It was a total delight. Very simple concept to help you really tune in to yourself and your environment. It was held with grace, kindness and generosity by the two facilitators. They said just as much as was needed, without adding any unnecessary extras. It was surprising how much can get revealed when one learns to still the mind and notice things in and around oneself. I got a few significant flickers of great insight along the way, and I'm grateful to Street Wisdom for making that possible.

by Rebecca on Street Wisdom
New perspective
Event: Street Wisdom, Sheffield Town Centre

I have lived in Sheffield all my life but I still saw something new on the walk. Consciously slowing down and taking my time felt unusual at first but I came to really enjoy it and savour the experience. It was a beautiful day and I was so glad to be out enjoying it and seeing my home town from a new perspective. Definitely recommend it.

by Ruth on Street Wisdom
Fear Hack Kingly Court
Event: Street Wisdom 22nd January 19

Despite near zero temperatures, there was an impressive turn out for this particular Street Wisdom event with a FearHack dimension. After a quick warm up, we started by naming our fears and posting them on the window of a nearby cafe, looking at themes and similarities. We agreed that fear was a very human thing and made us feel compassion for ourselves and others. Hilary then spoke about reframing fear as excitement and suggesting that we could make friends with it. We were invited to use the time to reflect on our fear/our quest and how we could work with it. Then came the tuning in sections where we went off alone for relatively short bursts of time, noticing what we were drawn to, slowing down and looking for patterns or connections.Lastly came the quest, a 45 min walkabout or sit in a cafe (it was raining by this time) where we could listen to clues from our subconscious to find answers. I find this process amazingly effective - this is the third time I’ve done it in 3 years -  simple, freely available and surprising every time.I didn’t stay for the last section in pub alas, I am sure it was really interesting. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a decision to make or in a quandary about something.

by Anon on Street Wisdom
Borough Market
Event: Borough Market

The four short walks were interesting and I started to notice contrasts and symmetry. It makes you realise how much visual information is thrust at us at varying heights! You need to meet your self in the environment which is interesting, I was in quite a bad mood I realised.. and this came out as I walked and needed to pass I think. I haven't had any eureka moments-yet! But it was a fascinating experience in the wonderful environment of Borough Market. Thanks, Nick for your guidance.

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