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by Egle on Street Wisdom
Event: Street Wisdom in Vidracco, Damanhur, Italy

What a fun morning with such an international group! There were also three dogs with us and they seemed to understand what we were doing. The exercises to expand our senses are so well designed that they really took me in a state of presence and mindfulness --- that is the answer to the question 🙂

by Jane on Street Wisdom
Basking in Bath
Event: Bath with Dave Wiles

A great afternoon which gave me time and space to see where my feet and heart led me. Without trying: ideas, thoughts, connections, smiles, new noticings, came to me. I let myself be open-hearted and slow and some of my fragments came back together. Thoroughly recommend it.

by Lizzy on Street Wisdom
Timeless in Frome
Event: Street Wisdom event

What a sense of freedom it is to spend a morning with strangers, also curious minded who are all brought together by Street Wisdom. We had a very interesting time led by Brett Sadler who provided the structure and thought provocations. 4 x 10 minute wanders, alone or with another person, each with a different 'theme' which enabled us to observe, take time, enjoy just being in the streets. Then we had an hour to wander and contemplate a question in our head. I had a lovely wander with a fellow wanderer and our conversations ranged wide and far and then we all met up in a cafe for hot chocolate and cakes kindly provided by the RSA. What did I get out of it? Gold dust insights; the idea that I will incorporate time into daily life for the unexpected, for conversations with strangers and not to be in a headlong rush. Easier said than done but this was a wonderful beginning.

by Jasna on Street Wisdom
Amazing experience
Event: Vela Luka Croatia

A few days ago I got the message about some event in Vela Luka, I had never heard before about this Street Wisdom but I knew I have to be there. And so comes time, I went to meeting point and before I had to go out from the car, crazy strong rain started. I run out in the rain and in a few jumps I was on the place. There was just one lady, our eyes met and we knew that we are there for same reason. This was first meeting with great Patricia. 😊 So we waited for others who she told will come to event. After some minutes we realised everybody was frighten with rain and gave up. So Patricia lead me through my first but for sure not last Street Wisdom. It was realy great. So many beautiful messages, so strong introspection. So great time. I got really nice and helpful messages. Last of messages I saw on my walk was writen on one old wall "look at the sky, the day gets you smiling" - a few steps later, I looked at the sky and saw beautiful game of clouds and sun, and a face that smiled on me. I took the photo. I was not dreaming.Thank you Patricia I'm glad I met your beautiful soul.

by Sarah King on Street Wisdom
Staring me in the face...
Event: Brixton, Mel & David

Thank you Mel & David for reminding me to slow down! I know Brixton and at first the idea of tuning out of the familiar and into the details, the smaller, more mindful things we so often overlook, was tricky. I didn't want to ask my obvious question so I tried to formulate a more subtle one. After a fantastic morning of mindful wandering in the sunshine, however, I still found that all the answers to my obvious question were staring me in the face! An interesting experiment in itself!! What the morning did was equip me with a mindful tool I will re-visit frequently. We should all adopt this mind-set in our everyday lives and see the change and wisdom it brings....

by Catherine on Street Wisdom
Inspirational, practical and transformative mindfulness practice
Event: Springfield Park with Jane and Ines

I absolutely loved my Street Wisdom experience, thank you so much. It's so amazing how such a simple little technique can be so inspirational and really change the way you look at the world. I've been practicing a similar form of mindfulness myself for a while - through just walking for pleasure and taking time to notice everything around me and reflect - but it was great to get a little bit more direction and more ideas to incorporate into this practice. Jane and Ines were both amazing - so friendly and interesting - and we all had a great time debriefing out experiences and talking about different ideas. I came with a very open mind and a rather unusual question (how to deal with my bed bugs), and found all sorts of inspirational ideas for sorting out my issues. In particular I found a different approach to those I had been thinking about before - a way of reconciling the moral dilemmas I had been encountering with practical solutions. By taking the time to slow down, interact with nature, and really appreciate the things and people around me in a non-rushed, inquisitive way, my mind went into a different mode and offered the solutions I'd been looking for. For me, Street Wisdom is a practical form of mindfulness that you can incorporate into your everyday life, and I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking meaning in life, and who may find meditation or other forms of mindfulness more challenging. Thank you so much again Jane and Ines!

by Annie McDowall on Street Wisdom
Mindfulness in motion
Event: Springfield Park with Jane and Ines

It was a beautiful sunny day, and the venue was Springfield Park in Hackney, north London. Jane and Ines helped us all to feel clear about what we were going to do and inspired me with their enthusiasm. The warm up sessions were excellent for getting the mind focused and in the mood, opening up the senses and awareness. The environment was teeming with things to notice, appreciate, and contemplate. And then when it came to offering my own question to the environment, I found answers and inspiration in so many places. It helped me to clarify what I could do next, and to remember things that had helped in the past. This, to me, is mindfulness in motion.

by Rachel on Street Wisdom
Great few hours gaining wisdom!
Event: Newark, UK 2016

Wow! This was an inspirational and interesting few hours with some lovely people. I arrived slightly apprehensive about what the afternoon would bring but I am now so grateful that I found this amazing event. Everyone should experience Street Wisdom and "attend with an open mind, a positive attitude and be willing to follow instructions and empty your day to day thoughts and interact with your surroundings".The event started by doing a few "tasks" walking around on our own noticing our surroundings. I found myself laughing out loud when "looking for the beauty in everything" and seeing a discarded fish and chip wrapper and wondering if it had a "message" for me? We then met to discuss our "question" and it was voluntary whether we shared our question but we all did. I felt slightly embarrassed by my question as it was about spending money as opposed to saving, whilst other's questions were about others or life questions.Meeting up afterwards for a coffee was very inspirational and hearing the others stories of their insights and encounters was very thought provoking. Everyone's willingness to open up and share ideas was also very inspiring. I didn't find my answer this time but with added knowledge I hope to answer future questions with this method of finding wisdom. My group truly seemed to have gained "wisdom" and were willing to share their amazing insights with the group discussing the findings (some had made notes whilst walking) and giving some wonderful advice too. I can honestly say I found it an amazing experience due to the wonderful people that I met, but I also gained new wisdom from them and also the street! Brilliant! Thank you so much!

by Jackee on Street Wisdom
Walking The Streets
Event: My daily morning walks

I haven't participated in a Street Wisdom event yet but the moment I came across the website I knew I was in the right place. I have been running and more recently walking the streets of South London for almost twenty years. It began with earnest in 1999 when I started running really slowly around Brockwell Park in South London. Having done very little exercise for many years due to a knee injury from playing netball at county level I was delighted when I made it around the park without stopping on route and without collapsing in a heap at the end.They say that getting started is that pivotal moment and in my case not only was getting started key but keeping the momentum going was to be the jewel in the crown. From those humble beginnings my love of long distant running began. After a few weeks I wanted more of a stretch so I started running from my home in Tulse Hill to Clapham Common and the surrounding streets. Then when I got bored with Clapham I extended my daily run as far as Battersea Park, then Hyde Park, all the way down to Oxford Circus tube station and then I would jump onto the tube back home to Brixton.I loved running the streets of London and discovered so much about this wonderful city, forgotten historic buildings like the Windmill at Brixton Hill, the Alms Houses and I became friends with so may of the city's wonderful trees.The early mornings in London before 7am paints quite a different picture when the streets have few people occupying them. I can rundown a street and feel the high vibration and energy of the street compared to one with a low vibration. It's amazing to feel that so solidly and sure in your body. I was born in Clapham so have a love for the area. Battersea makes me so happy and so many of its streets are bouncing with happy energy. My favourite Uncle Keith lived in Battersea and I sometimes wonder if that influences my attraction to its streets.Since my knee injury got worse I have taken to walking instead of running and how this has opened me up to so much more. I recently moved from East Dulwich to the edge of South Norwood and the Thornton Heath borders and you could not have two different areas. I live on a road that at a first glance I would have in the past totally rejected as a road to live on. But each morning as I head out on my early morning walks I have come to discover something different almost every day about my street and it surrounding streets that have drawn out the charm and delight that exists in the neighbourhood. I have grown to appreciate the small cottages that exist in my road and the many green community plots that are hidden amongst the neighbouring streets that you would not expect to find there. There's the lovely Norwood Lakes with a colourful bird life and the historic Stanley Halls. Not as grand as East Dulwich but I have come to love the area in a much more intimate way.Walking gives back so much. The demands of my working and professional life is untangled as I walk the streets. The stress of moving home and creating a new life has been soothed through the strides of my daily walks around the neighbourhood. Street wisdom is my daily dose of medicine. I find taking the photos that are hosted on my Instagram page therapeutic and a way I express my creativity.I'm thinking of hosting a Street Wisdom event in the area as I will have lived there for one year. Looking forward to keeping up with events on the site. Great idea and a really great way of sharing the many wonderful benefits of walking and a great way of building healthy communities. Jackee

by Sophie on Street Wisdom
Simple, creative, empowering
Event: South Bank

It was lovely to be given permission to use my own creativity - it felt like a luxury! The tune up exercises progressed very naturally and immediately gave me different perspectives that I could tap into to bring ideas to the question I was considering. Simple, creative, empowering - thank you.

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