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by Kate on Street Wisdom
Thank you

An amazing experience through very simple steps. Our street wizard Gary was very inspirational and had very good energy. I will definitely practice mindless walking and wandering and hopefully share this with others in the future. It was a lovely treat for the mind, thank you so much.

by Kate on Street Wisdom
Salford Quays (The Lowry)
Event: 3rd May 2018 with Gary Loftus

Gary creates a really good safe space to explore and access our inner wisdom. He is a skilful authentic facilitator and Street Wizard. These events provide a wonderful opportunity to slow down and be inspired. Highly recommended

by Ruth on Street Wisdom
Street Wisdom Shoreditch
Event: Street Wisdom Shoreditch

A large group (about 20?) of us met at the bandstand on a chilly but amazingly sunny Saturday morning in March. We met our guides and got to know each other a bit with a go round question 'What's your favourite street? I couldn't think of mine, I just kept thinking 'mine's a beach'! Then we were given our first instructions and off we went. The two hours we spent noticing and looking for answers had a kind of timeless feel about them. It helped being in a part of London I wasn't that familiar with, I felt more curiosity about my surroundings. Although I had done Street Wisdom once before in January 2017, I liked the way the questions were phrased slightly differently to how I remember : 'look for the patterns and what connects them' for example. My question was around the best use of my time after feeling some doubt about the course I had set myself on. Mysteriously, with the aid of a question sheet one of the guides had given us at the end, I came to my answer. We were advised that the answers might not come on that particular day but I was very glad mine did. (I decided I was on the right track I just needed to put firmer boundaries around what I wanted to do and what others were inviting me to do, really reflect before making decisions that involve others.) So glad I bothered to get up out of bed and do this Street Wisdom, it had a magical quality for me (as did the previous year's) and I felt as if I done something very satisfying and nurturing. Thanks to the two guides who organised it, Ines and Jane, they held the space really well for us and gave us a chance to share at the end (I would have stayed longer but had a thing to get to at 2pm).

by KIMI on Street Wisdom
Event: MANCHESTER 9th March 2018

As with another reviewer, I went to a talk about this at the Mindful Living Show and felt inspired to give it a go. The idea of seeing beauty and meaning in the ordinary, everyday of a city appealed to me. Gary led us through the short exercises in a relaxed,friendly way. I didn't think I had a question, just a vague something at the back of my mind, but there was a very definite answer written on a board! Meeting up afterwards for a coffee and an optional share was fun as well as insightful. I hope to try another event in a while and maybe try organising one myself sometime.

by Cristina Jacob on Street Wisdom
Learning to slow down
Event: 24th February 2018, london

I absolutely loved the Street Wisdom experience. It's so amazing how much we can learn using simple little techniques. So inspirational and open minded. Opens doors and takes on new journeys. Truly recommended for all ages, private or business. Thank you so much Ines. Has beed a privilege.

by Jacqui on Street Wisdom
A fishy tale
Event: Trafford Centre

Gary was an amazing leader! He was insightful , fun and inspiring. I found it easy to slow down and enjoy the experience. I noticed things I hadn't noticed before, even though I've walked the same way hundreds of times. He enabled me by giving me the confidence to tap into my inner wisdom. I found some inspiration in answer to the question I asked. I also saw over 40 fish and am still seeing them. I'm still working out what that bit means 🙂

by Jacquie on Street Wisdom
Roaming in Ripon
Event: Street Wisdom in Ripon with Gail 25/1/18

I had read about SW in Psychologies magazine and loved the ethos of the movement so had been toying with the idea of running a SW event. I was surprised that there was a workshop running in my county (albeit 65 miles away) and on a day that I could take time off work : it was meant to be! Gail welcomed us with hot drinks in her relaxing studio and guided us skilfully and subtly through the morning. I have been using mindfulness for 5 years now and I loved this new practical application. Slowing down, wandering free and letting my inner guide take the lead revealed some amazing messages from the streets that have confirmed for me that I can be brave and take a new direction in life. Now that I have experienced the wonders of Street Wisdom for myself, I am definitely going to organise an event in my home town so that others can find out that ‘answers are everywhere ‘!

by Beth on Street Wisdom
Oh Manchester, so much to answer for
Event: Street Wisdom: Manchester, UK - with the Mindful Living Show

I heard about this event through the Mindful Living Show and booked the morning off work, eager to explore what the streets had to offer me. Three hours of doing something entirely for myself is not part of my normal daily narrative. Having my phone switched off is normally only something I do during solo cinema trips where the plan is usually to immerse myself in someone else's world. This time I not only had the added benefit of being outside, but walking around very familiar surroundings that offered up so much new information to me. I came with a question and left with an answer and some really positive reflections on the experiences of my peers. An absolute treat for the mind, body and soul that left me thinking about it for days.

by Tisho on Street Wisdom
Street Wisdom from California to Bulgaria
Event: Street Wisdom from California to Bulgaria

I have to admit - I participated once after having guided 4 events. What's the difference? Well, for me it was the pure joy of learning and establishing contact with lovely people! No matter whether I am participant or a guide, there's so much new perspective from what I observe and what people bring in and share. I love it and my intention is to continue lead and use SW as a tool for myself and to facilitate the process of strangers. It is amazing and shortens the distance between us, humans, in this era of digital communication and information overload. Just find the closet one and join, or dare to care and organise one yourself! See you on the streets!

by Mark Baines on Street Wisdom
Structure and permission
Event: Frome

I did lots of street walking as a hitchhiker travelling around Europe in my twenties and got to know many towns and cities well. I love it as a way to learn about cultures and places.I love it, and miss it as an older adult, as it always seemed like a 'guilty' pleasure. But now I've learned that I'm not alone, that there is real value in it, and that it can really be a good thing to do!Thank you Brett, you are a very wise man!

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