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by Claire on Street Wisdom
A Way to Help Gain Clarity and Make Decisions
Event: Swiss Cottage, London - 24 June

I read about Street Wisdom about six months ago in an article in The Times and was intrigued by how it could help me with deciding on a new direction for my career. Inés was excellent at guiding us into settling into the moment, slowing down, and using all our senses to spot patterns in the world around us. After several, short 'tuning up' sessions, we set off on our 40-minute wander, with our 'question for the streets' in mind. After, we met in a nearby café and shared our experiences. What was most interesting for me was seeing how different people were drawn to different aspects of the environment, and therefore how differently everyone sees the world. It made me realise that the patterns in what we notice have an important message for us all about what matters most to us.

by Estelle on Street Wisdom
Intuition back in motion
Event: Street Wisdom June 24th, Swiss Cottage London

I love observing people, buildings, nature... So when I learned about Street Wisdom, I got hooked on the idea right away. And last Saturday, I went to my first event. Ines, our facilitator, made the whole process easy, fun and helped us get the most of it. Street Wisdom is a great way to listen to yourself, without the disturbance of unhelpful external factors. My street quest felt like a lucky bag that I was opening with my every step. I left feeling reenergized and with some answers to my question. A great way to start the week-end!

by Daniel on Street Wisdom
Street Wisdom at Glasto
Event: Glastonbury Festival

I've been going to Glastonbury for many years but this was my first experience of Street Wisdom - the two complimented each other wonderfully! I loved taking some time out to slow down, notice the colours (there were lots!), patterns and reflect under the Tony Benn tower. Thank you to the group for sharing and of course to Rachel for doing a super job of leading. I look forward to trying it on the "real" streets and would recommend SW is taken to lots of other festivals. Many thanks!

by Sheela on Street Wisdom
Urban meditation
Event: Leamington Spa

I'd been getting the emails for ages before an event came up that I could actually do, so was very excited when this came up. Bryony was an excellent facilitator. I saw things I'd never noticed before, went down streets I never knew were there. It was certainly thought provoking, I answered some questions and also came away with a load more! Felt really energised. Thank you!

by Tom on Street Wisdom
Stop. Look. Listen
Event: Lisbon

I had no idea what to expect at all - or how to do it - but following the wonderful guidance of Claudia I managed to clear my head and see the city - and even an area of the city I know like the back of my hand - in a completely different way. It was truly enlightening and head-cleaning and I came away with some useful tips for day to day life as well. Highly recommended!

by Anna on Street Wisdom
A new tool in my toolbox
Event: Zagreb

Mix a little bit of self-awareness, mindfulness and self-reflection, add some fun, relax and mix well for 3 hours while you walk.I went to the tour without understanding what it was about and I left super energized and with very clear ideas. But more than that I have a new tool in my tool box. I can use it whenever I want!Thanks for putting together this strange mix of things that is Street Wisdom. What a great combo! THANKS!!! Thanks for the preparation steps, thanks for the idea, thanks for using my time in such a great way, thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

by Sharon on Street Wisdom
Street Wisdom in Leamington Spa
Event: Leamington Spa, June 2017

I loved my afternoon of Street Wisdom, thank you Bryony. It has been a thoughtful week for me since; it was an experience that I'll remember and reflect on for a long time to come.

by Ellie on Street Wisdom
A new way of looking at old problems
Event: Leamington Spa 11/6/17

I joined the group as a journalist covering Street Wisdom for a future edition of Waitrose weekend. The group was articulate, thoughtful, and very open in sharing their ideas and experiences, and the facilitator was excellent. All of which makes it sound very serious, but in fact it was three hours of calm, enjoyment and discovery and several of us said how much we enjoyed being given 'permission' just to wander and explore, not just the area but our own thoughts. Did I find the answer to my question? I found I didn't even want to think about the question, I just wanted to be happy...and that's an answer in itself!

by Ann on Street Wisdom
Finding time to just....BE
Event: May 27th. Bath Street Wisdom

This was my first experience attending Bath Street Wisdom. I arrived with a question in mind ,not really knowing how walking around the city would possible help me to find the answer.Rachel was our facilitator, and I don't believe we could of had a better person to take on the job,she explained in detail what each task was about, giving time and thought to any questions asked. As I set off on my first walk around Bath, I allowed the first task to gently sway in my mind, not giving it too much attention but enough to allow my thought process to change. As the day went on, I found myself meandering through the hustle and bustle of a busy city, but not taking any notice of it, in fact I sat in the middle of a roundabout just being question that I had bought along with me, no longer seemed relevant,however what I did experience was that instead of racing through life,it is OK to take time and enjoy life, it's shapes, its busyness its reality and it's beauty.So thank you Rachel. 😀

by Dave Wiles on Street Wisdom
The road goes ever on...
Event: Bath

Had signed up as my lovely daughter in law (Rachel) was facilitating and then, as her co-facilitator dropped out, I was promoted to wizard!! Great people and I think everyone took something special away from the experience. I had not expected to get much myself as I was facilitating however the question I had brought (had I been a participant) was about how to help people with change (occupational preoccupation!). During the quest I unexpectedly found myself observing two very drunk 'street people' struggling with their lives - sat on the side of Rebecca's Fountain by the Abbey in Bath - I found myself with a wry smile as the sculpture was donated by the Temperance Society! I was struck by the thought that often our role in helping with change is to enable people to see what is around them rather than giving them our 'answers'. My other highlight was hearing the other stories that people shared from their experience of the 'the road'! Thanks - dave

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