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by Sue Turner on Street Wisdom
A rewarding experiment
Event: Bath's first Street Wisdom session - RSA South West

Rachel and Dave opened my mind to a new and very positive way to use the amazing place that Bath is. Despite having a very real work problem that needed to be solved, I felt guilty at taking "time out" of the working day to join in with Bath's first Street Wisdom session. Running a charity you're always concerned to spend every minute of the day (plus evenings and many weekends!) working as hard as you can for the charity so I was not sure beforehand that I could justify this use of time, but it turned out to be well worth it.I learned a valuable new technique, solved the problem I brought with me and also had a fun experience that I've turned into a blog ( worth it - thanks everyone!

by Jayne Cox - Fusion Spaces on Street Wisdom
Free Ranging!
Event: May 16th - Clerkenwell, Cicilia

We're humans, often cooped up indoors and accepting this is life and how we live and work. Take a moment, pause and it's obvious it's not how it's meant to be.I believe in being a free ranger, where ever we find ourselves and this magical experience proved to me that outdoor space is outdoor space. I use outdoor, green and natural spaces all the time to inspire ideas, creativity and support my mental and physical health. What Street Wisdom taught me, as a country lover, was the city streets hold some magic within them too.Allow yourself this 3 hour experience, if you're working this is even more vital. So pause and let Street Wisdom open your eyes to what you've been missing.Off to consider where I might hold a future event...Jayne - Free Ranger @ Fusion Spaces

by Bryony Farey on Street Wisdom
Seeking answers from the street
Event: Chichester - 14/05/17

Our facilitator, Kat Hounsell, outlined all we needed to know about Street Wisdom. I loved the straightforward overview - a bit of information about the background of the approach and just enough information to complement the purpose of the afternoon, which was simply to go with it, and see what conclusions presented themselves.The real beauty of Street Wisdom is that it works like a wave. Once you have been on an event, you can sign up to facilitate your own, and so the movement grows. So long as you aren't facilitating for profit the sign up and materials are free to download and use. And that's exactly what I intend to do. It will work anywhere that has streets, and life, and people.

by Alex Joicey on Street Wisdom
Taking time out
Event: Islington

I joined a street wisdom group for the first time yesterday. It's amazing how taking time out of your normal routine and jobs, and simply paying attention to your surroundings with an intention in mind, can leave you feeling inspired and like you've shared something special. It's nice to meet new people and see the world with fresh eyes. I highly recommend it!

by Linda on Street Wisdom
Just Me And The Wandercast In A Sunny Berkshire Town

I am planning to facilitate a Street Wisdom in London with a friend of mine very soon!However I wanted to try it out for myself first so I downloaded the Wandercast to my phone and off I went! I was interested to see how well it would work in the streets where I live. Its hardly the metropolis and also I live outside the centre but I thought it was worth a shot! I followed the instructions and found myself wandering in streets I hadn't walked in before.My question was 'Should I go ahead with having my kitchen refitted and can I trust the guy who is going to do the work for me to do a good job and not overcharge me?'As I looked up after pausing the wandercast on my phone I noticed a lorry was parked across the road from where I was standing and on the side was written 'BOOKED, TRACKED, DELIVERED.This made me smile as I thought this must be a sign that maybe I was on the right track and I was quite amazed at getting the word from the street so quickly! Maybe a coincidence though?? Within a few minutes however I noticed a student driver car as it drove passed and on the top the sign read 'ABC'.WOW!! I took this to mean - easy as ABC but also everything needs to be in correct order - like get my ducks in a row kinda thing. This had me smiling as I do tend to do things backside forward sometimes!I wander some more and take a turn left passing a shop which had me do a double take!! In huge letters across the top and width of the shop was 'BEST ONE'! I swear this is true!!!I was no more than 10 minutes in and had found my answer for sure!!!I wandered some more and was grinning even more by this time but some way on I realised I had asked a double question. I had received the answer and confirmation that I had found the right guy to do the work! However should I go ahead and make the changes to the kitchen in the first place? About 10 minutes later I was passing a little shop and there was a poster in the window which read 'ONE CAN AND YOU CAN!'I had my answer!Absolutely amazing and so much fun too!

by Cecily Guarrera on Street Wisdom
First Time in New Zealand!
Event: Street Wisdom

Hannah brought Street Wisdom to New Zealand with great success. There was a group of about 9 of us and we so enjoyed the process. I was amazed how the process brought me into a different state of being, allowing me to think in different ways than ever before. I really enjoyed it!

by David D'Souza Head of Engagement & Head of London, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development on Street Wisdom
An incredible tool and important movement

Whether for personal exploration or to encourage creativity in business, Street Wisdom is an incredible tool and important movement.

by Sheridan on Street Wisdom
Brain-Friendly and Healthy Enlightenment
Event: March 22nd - Liverpool

Despite it being cold and wet (at least initially) and having a small amount of scepticism, I found the event held by Tim Scott to be incredibly useful. I love being outdoors anyway - fresh air and activity are good for learning. 3 of the 4 warm up exercises provided insight - especially the first, so I started my 'Quest' with hope. Having a good question in mind is important to make the experience worthwhile, as is having the ability to make connections yourself as you are essentially on your own. Once I started to see 'answers' I was naturally drawn to more of the same images which reinforced my conclusion. I loved the debrief and the fact that different participants took different meanings from the same sights (depending on their question). So now "What" I need to do is much clearer. "How" still needs to be decided, and I suspect that the street may not give me that.

by Graham on Street Wisdom
Makes you think..
Event: RSA Street Wisdom in London

My first experience of Street Wisdom after attending several events at the wonderful RSA. I didn't know what to expect, but I did hope for fun as well and perhaps a little learning and discovery. Oddly enough the location around The Strand, Charing Cross, Covent Garden, once my workspace, took on the role of playground for the afternoon. Did I find my answer? I'm not sure. I've been searching all my life. I did find plenty of intriguing signs, or were they merely coincidences? I did gain acceptance that it's not only okay to play in life and work, it's actually important to achieving my answers.

by Tony on Street Wisdom
A joy to be involved. A joy to help out.
Event: Tuesday 7th March - RSA London

What a magnificent & fulfilling experience! Reflecting after facilitating my first ever Street Wisdom group of 6 wonderful people, I cant help regretting that I didn't do it sooner. Its such a powerful process - the insights and answers that my group gathered from their wanderings around Covent Garden and the Strand was quite moving - and the process is just so simple to use. Thanks for the opportunity Street Wisdom guys. Cant wait to do it again soon. TW

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