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Street Wisdom
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by Bunny on Street Wisdom
Mindful exploration
Event: Online SW with Oana

I loved exploring my surroundings mindfully, gently guided Oana. It's something you can do to simply wind down and relax, but sometimes you might feel that some inner wisdom is unlocked!

by De on Street Wisdom
The most delightful Saturday morning!
Event: Street Wisdom: Phnom Penh 2021

What an incredible first experience! I had so much fun exploring a part of the city that I hadnt really paid much attention to. I got so many answers and came away with a confidence in being able to answer any questions I can conjure up to myself. We were a group of 10-12 people and Sara created such a warm and safe space for us to explore all the wisdom around us and within. Cannot wait to try this again and again and again 🙂 Thank you Sara and Street Wisdom creators for changing my life 🙂

by Andrea Carr on Street Wisdom
Chris Sollett - A fellow night owl.
Event: Street Wisdom online - 11th Feb 2021 @ 2am

Absolutely loved this. For a self confessed night owl, this was perfect! Chris ran it from Spain, I am in England and we were joined by two lovely ladies from the USA. I'd been to a couple of daytime online SW events which were great but there was something magical about taking part at my favourite time of the day. Even more magical was the fact that we have snow. Fresh snow at that. I ventured outside for the 20 minute session and was quite overwhelmed by emotion at the stillness and sparkle. I got my answer from the quest and possibly another solution to a lingering question! Chris very kindly carried on the conversation after the allocated time. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks Chris and thanks David Pearl for following your intuition and creating such an awesome experience for us to share. xx

by Jacquie on Street Wisdom
Morning Meandering
Event: Online Street Wisdom 20/1 with Phillip Cowell

I have run and attended several SW sessions: this was my second online morning event - and it could become a habit! I love the way that the team have condensed the 3 hour walkshop into 45 minutes of 'mini moments' that help set me up for the day. Philip was a warm and engaging host, with added frills such as a bird whistle to call us back together and a poem made from our feedback: wonderful! I woke up with a headache and a dilemma; I left the session with a clear head and sense of purpose for the day ahead. Noticing familiar things around me in a more 'tuned in' way - such as people taking different paths, benches with memorials to the dearly loved departed - spoke to me of having choices, and letting love be the guiding light because life is short. Thank you!

by Joanne on Street Wisdom
Wisdom at home
Event: Street Wisdom at home online event with David Pearl, 27th September 2020

In March I experienced anxiety due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Over the subsequent months my anxiety subsided- at least I thought it had, but I began experiencing severe insomnia. Fortunately this eased but during the Street Wisdom event I attended, I noticed a number of items around my home that made me anxious, such as the blue flashing light which reminded me of ambulances and hospitals. It made me reflect on whether perhaps I was still experiencing underlying anxiety without consciously realising. This event helped me recognise this and how I need to be more aware of the subconscious processes affecting me on a daily basis. Street Wisdom is a tool I can use to help me uncover these.

by LB, Bournemouth on Street Wisdom
There's Wisdom on Every Street
Event: Nottinghill Street Wisdom 11.03.20

“There’s wisdom waiting for you on every street” ... or at least that’s what David Pearl’s believes.

So today I headed up to Notting Hill, in West London to experience one of their WalkShops to see what the streets around Portobello Road had to offer me.

Led by volunteer Sarah, who has run/attended WalkShops in many cities around the world, we were first given three exercises to ‘tune-in’ to our environment

We each then shared a question we had come to find answers to ... to play with ... to unlock fresh thinking about in the creative playground we call our streets.

Mine was “How can I release my anxieties around money whilst finding work that fulfils me more?”

Here’s some of the wisdom that came my way ...

A Banksy note pad with the words “I don’t want coins I want change” ... this was the first and last thing I came across, the second time was on a fridge magnet ... just in case I wasn’t listening the first time! ?

I saw no banks, no cash machines, no money change hands ... instead I saw streets full of sole traders and small businesses ... a community of people making their money doing what they enjoyed doing

.... then I came across a Spanish supermarket (the first I’ve seen in the UK) and was attracted to a bottle of ‘salsa brava’ which translated is ‘brave sauce’ ... which made me smile .... maybe it’s more courage that I need rather than money!?

Back at our meeting point we all shared our stories and experiences from the streets ... and I must say it was fascinating

Taking time out, looking at things from a different perspective, paying attention to things you ordinarily wouldn’t, allowing yourself to be drawn to things, drawing meaning from the ordinarily unnoticed certainly has its magic .... did I get the answer I came for? I’m not sure, but I was certainly given food, and some salsa brava, for thought!

Try a WalkShop for yourself and make your own decision!

by Dr Berna Bridge on Street Wisdom
Lovely day
Event: RSA Street Wisdom

Joined for the first time, had a lovely time.

by MMC on Street Wisdom
Covent Garden Walking
Event: RSA Street Wisdom

I’d been intrigued by Street Wisdom since first hearing about it through my membership of the RSA. It seemed to combine two of the things I like doing a lot; walking while musing over things. So I did one after a year of putting it off and did one organised by the RSA. It came at the right time because I had a question I was turning over and over. I enjoyed it enormously. It liberated me from my prevailing patterns of thought and made me more attuned to the people and things around me. Did I get an answer to my question? Not quite but I did get alternatives and different perspectives by listening to others. Perhaps the question wasn’t the right one to be asking. I also found the prompt helpful and pertinent on the day and subsequently. I keep using it to remind myself to stop falling into a pattern of thinking that isn’t helpful. Very enjoyable and satisfying.

by CSS on Street Wisdom
Event: Whitby - 21/09/19

Third time for me, and though I did have a question about my own needs, what came through was more how we can help fulfil the needs of others. Hearing and listening, sharing and caring stood out for me. Thank you to a lovely group of people and of course our Leader, Jacquie, who made it a superb afternoon!

by Flor on Street Wisdom
Con una nueva mirada
Event: Street wisdom Alicante

Recomiendo totalmente la experiencia, de  meditación, reflexión  individual, etc.. . que nos invita a detenernos un momento, apartarnos de las prisas del día a día y salir de las rutinas, para poner las ideas en orden, llegando a una mayor claridad mental. Tuve la suerte de tener a Chris como street leader

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