Street Wisdom

What have battered road signs discarded leaflets and crumpled tin cans got to do with the meaning of life? The word on the street is: more than you think says Alice Whitehead.

12 apps to help with mental health issues

Street Wisdom's Wandercast comes in at number 6. "Ok, it's technically not an app but you can download the audio and listen on your phone... via an app."

How a three hour walk solved all my problems

For years people have searched for answers to life’s big questions at remote monasteries or on wilderness retreats, but could enlightenment strike just as easily outside a sandwich shop in SE1?

Mindfulness in the City

MIndfulness is moving off the meditation cushion and coming to a street near you. Anita Chaudhuri looks into the new trend of 'street wisdom'. One setback to living more mindfully is that daily life..

Street Wisdom: Walking into solutions

The answers are there, if only you look close enough. Street Wisdom could solve your problems - at home and at work. Could a walk down the street save the planet? Or, at the very least, might it...

Walking gives your ideas legs

When you are stuck for inspiration, it may be best to leave your seat and stroll around the street to get the creative juices flowing.