Ogilvy – Inspiration in Stockholm


“This was a truly different and inspiring session, and I will continue to follow this and try and practice it whenever I can, alone and also with others. Thanks again.”

Luan Taranto, Business Director, H&O Germany

What our client needed

The L+D Director of Ogilvy EMEA asked David Pearl to deliver a Street Wisdom session as part of a training course in Stockholm for a hand-picked group of 8 of Ogilvy’s rising talent at Managing Director level. The aims of the course were to enhance personal development and staff management skills. In the client’s own words: “I want to inspire and educate them in a very different way.”

How we responded

David, along with the Street Wisdom team, designed and led the 3-hour session which was woven into the middle of a three-day intensive workshop. He was supported by one of our Stockholm-based ‘Street Wizards’. You can get a taste of what happened in this short film.

And the results were…

The participants had an opportunity to reflect on the coming year and how they are going to lead their organisations differently/better. It was a chance to take risks and engage some free-range creativity in executives who tell us they spend the majority of their time in administration.

“David was great….thanks…an inspiring session.” Participant