Lush – Keeping Retail Fresh

“The session we held at a recent trainer development workshop was so much more than we expected – in our weekly roundup it was clear that Street Wisdom contributed not only to the formation of plans for next steps in training but also to real connections between the group and a noticeable ‘recharging’ of individuals.”

Katie Nugent, International Trainer

What our client needed

The distinctive experiential nature of Lush stores and the dynamic way Lush staff connect with customers are both key to the runaway success of this world-wide Brand. That’s why the company invests in the ongoing learning and development of its retail workforce. They saw Street Wisdom as a medium to help achieve this and asked us to experiment with them to explore how our “urban mindfulness” technology could be leveraged to enhance the creativity, confidence and leadership skills of retail staff and managers; upgrade the customer experience and support company wellbeing objectives.

How we responded

An initial workshop for 50 international retail trainers in the Oxford Street area used Street Wisdom to brainstorm ideas for training delivery and led to Street Wisdom being used by trainers around the globe. Internal staff were trained as ‘Street Wizards’ and the Lush flagship store on Oxford street led a series of open weekly sessions for staff and customers alike as part of their commitment to resilience, well being and customer experience.

Over the last two years, more than 400 retail staff from across Europe have experienced Street Wisdom as a tool for career development, improving store management and self-reflection. It has been used by the Careers team and during the Lush Immersion experience for new joiners. We co-designed ‘Tune Ups by Text’ which were used to send daily Street Wisdom exercises to store managers.

And the results were…

Street Wisdom has delivered profound personal and career development insights for both managers and staff at Lush alongside improvements in shop floor management, workplace effectiveness and customer experience. As a tool for self-reflection and wellbeing, Street Wisdom has been a popular experience within the company with many staff finding new applications for its use within their teams, translatable across a global platform.

“There is an application for Street Wisdom in all areas of the business regardless of where people work and what their roles include. The simplicity of the process is part of the genius and makes it accessible.” Boo Denovan, Retailer

“Street Wisdom is a powerful tool that helps us reconnect with ourselves, our environment and beyond. It opens the door of your unconscious, helping your brain to make connections, be more creative, take a step back from situations as well as being mindful of your emotions. It’s all about using yourself better.” Vanessa Guion – Learning and Development

“Street Wisdom is a very valuable tool. What I love about it is that it’s easy to learn how to run and it doesn’t require anything but the world around you. It’s a very simple process – but the outcomes are profound.” Elena Gronlund, UK Manufacturing Trainer

“I must thank you so much for the fantastic experience that was Street Wisdom – it was quite a profound experience. I have been very impressed by your company from the contact with the staff. I really like your ethos and the fact that you are promoting such great initiatives.” Ruth Kinniburgh, Customer

 “It was amazing! It answered my question and actually was an incredibly emotional experience for me. I feel this is something every Lush employee should have the chance to experience.” Employee