Our People

Street Wisdom’s public WalkShops are delivered around the world by volunteers. Our mission is to bring inspiration to every street on earth. To join us and become a Street Leaders simply sign up….

The Team

Street Wisdom is a global social enterprise that reinvests all profits. Our creative team are passionate about bringing inspiration to every street on earth.

David Pearl


When he’s not authoring, speakering, making creative waves in the corporate world or improvising operas (Impropera) David is out on the street asking questions to see how much further Street Wisdom can go. And the answers keep coming!

Mark Brown

COO & Cogmeister

Mark is a Director at Street Wisdom and leads the SW RSA Network. He keeps the wheels turning and spends much of the rest of his time thinking and doing marketing.

Rachel Crowther


Producer at Street Wisdom. Also training facilitator, actor and co-founder of drama-based training company Different Duck. Converted to Street Wizardry in 2016.

Vanessa Barlow


Having swapped the world of fashion for wellbeing and creativity. Vanessa is a Marketing Communications consultant helping Street Wisdom become the word on the street.

David Micklem


I am a theatre producer, arts consultant and writer with a passion for great stories, well told. Street Wisdom has been a fantastic way of helping me understand the story of my life, and of helping others find theirs.

Chris Baréz-Brown


Chris believes we can all live extraordinary lives. He is the founder of Upping Your Elvis and an original Street Wizard, although in recent years he’s traded the streets of the Big Smoke for the coastlines of Dorset.

Nick Hammond

Roving Ambassador

Nick is an experienced Communication and Innovation Expert, with a track record of delivering creative solutions for brand owners that drive business performance. The Creative Filter was created to help companies innovate, supporting this aim with a range of effective training and creative solutions. Current UK Client list includes : The Financial Times, Haymarket Media Group, Future Publishing, IPC Magazines, the PPA, Macmillan Publishing and Dennis Publishing. International Clients include : Star TV (Mumbai) and MediaCorp (Singapore).

Esperide Ananas

International Activator

An expert in intentional living, Esperide speaks five languages and uses them all as she criss-crosses the globe helping individuals, organisations and groups change the world for the better.

Chris Sollett

Rest & Downtime

Chris Sollett’s progress at school was regularly interrupted with periods of ‘bunking off’. What attracts him most to #streetwisdom is the spirit of truancy. Chris makes a living as a stage manager and EFL teacher. Well, it’s better than walking the streets. Oh, wait…

Philip Cowell

Poet at Large

Life rhymes. Our poet-in-residence Philip leads Street Wisdoms with a focus on helping people find meaning from the wonderful whirlpool of words chiming around them.

Scott Morrison


Scott believes that changing the world is not about grand gestures. It’s about helping individual’s become the change they want to see. He knows that Street Wisdom has the power to do just that. Scott is the Bringer of the Boom!, speaker, author and mentor.

Nikita Mikhailov

Psychologist at Large

A professional business psychologist and an explorer of the human condition. Nikita is discovering how Street wisdom can help people to find their meaning and truth.

Jo Pearl


Jo is a partner in Pearl Group, and loves Street Wisdom’s ability to uncover inspiration and insights. She uses it in family life, with colleagues boosting creative breakthroughs, and in her own ceramic design practice.

Mark Adams

Street Wizard extraordinaire

Mark was a force of nature. Complete Street Wisdom enthusiast from the start, he provided the spark to get the Street Wizard Programme going. He will be much missed and never forgotten.

Street Wizards

Our international collective of Street Wizards includes coaches, mindfulness practitioners, well being at work specialists, creative consultants and leadership trainers. If you’d like to make use of the power of Street Wisdom in your work why not join them? Find out more about our Members Club here.

Anja Mutic

Zagreb, Croatia

I'm a travel writer based in Zagreb, Croatia and Brooklyn, New York. Seeker of beauty in unexpected places.

Anja R. Lampert

Vienna, Austria

Curious mind, lover of learning, trainer, facilitator, photographer, psychologist. Currently working @ Lush supporting people to develop and grow.

Anna Konrad

Stockholm, Sweden

I’m a former dancer who lives with my husband and daughter in Stockholm where I make a living as an engineer working with DNA sequencing. I dedicate a great deal to personal growth and awareness for time being mostly through psychosynthesis training.

antonia kihara

Nairobi, Kenya

Antonia has been a brand strategist for over 15 years focusing on tech for the last 7. She is passionate about the culture of work and trade and has hosted several talks and events on the purpose of life, the meaning of work, relationships, relationship to self, money and entrepreneurship. Antonia is the founder of Soulfoodcafe an events based concept to explore and experiment our humanity. Antonia is also the founder of the Shift Culture focused on connecting small businesses to digital trade and marketing. Antonia has 2 boys, 9 and 11 and live in Nairobi.

Beth Collier

United Kingdom

Bryony Taylor

Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

I am an enthusiastic runner and avid fan of being outside, peeking round corners - just to see what's there, and climbing hills to see what the view is like from the top.....

Carol Tavernier

London, United Kingdom

Carol Tavernier is an experienced Learning and Organisational Development professional with a strong creative approach who has been practicing her skills for over 16 years. Carols early career and interests began in the creative fields, studying as a contemporary dancer and actress and working for a number of years in the television industry as a prop buyer and assistant art director. Carol has brought frameworks for better collaboration and working into general practice as a confident facilitator skilled in various techniques such as appreciative enquiry, action learning set facilitation (group coaching), visual explorer and process mapping and various large scale interventions all aiming to seek clarity and improved group working. She likes to think of herself as a ‘choreographer of conversations’ believing that people hold the answers to their own dilemma’s; often just requiring the space to find them. Carol would say that people are her thing. When not working she loves to read, spend time working on her allotment and walking and caring for various dogs.

Carole Adams

London, United Kingdom

Caterina Lazzarini

Milan, Italy

I'm an Italian life coach and a walking coach. I live in Milan and I'm really prepared in coaching and empowering women. I believe in the power of walking to find "you way" and your solutions to your questions or problems. Since 2017 I 've been organizing walking coaching for women on the Santiago way. Sono una life coach e una walking coach italiana. Vivo a Milano e sono specializzata nel coaching e nell'empowering al femminile. Credo nella potenza del cammino come aiuto per trovare la tua strada o le tue soluzioni. Dal 2017 organizzo cammini di coaching per donne sul cammino di Santiago.


London, United Kingdom

Cecilia is a Learning & Development Professional with over 16 years experience working in media and creative sectors. NLP Master Practitioner with a special interest in the power of the subconscious. In Spring 2019, Cecilia set up a consultancy. Yugen Connections is a Workplace Wellbeing & Resilience Consultancy providing expert advice, wellbeing and psychometric resilience assessments and workshops to individuals and employees. There is a targeted focus on leadership development and emotional intelligence and how to build and implement a wellbeing strategy effectively. Demonstrating how wellbeing enables and drives employee engagement.

Christopher Bemrose

Bognor Regis, United Kingdom

I am fascinated by the relationship between the world outside us and the world within - something that Street Wisdom taps into effectively and deeply. Over the last couple of years I have developed and run workshops on themes including margins, crosses and circles, and the heart. See chrisbemrose.org for more information

Claire Brown

Surrey, United Kingdom

Claire is an Executive Coach, Learning and Development Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer. Her drive comes from her personal purpose to positively impact others, through blending her experience as a Marketing Director, Learning and Development Consultant, Coach and Mentor. She's described by others as naturally warm, positive and energising and is always up for an exploratory chat (she likes to chat, especially when accompanied by a latte and cake!)

Claudia Monteiro

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Claudia is a connector, events producer, project manager and media & communications wiz. She has lent her hands, heart and arms to some of the most exciting sports and arts events in the UK, including Glasgow 2014 Comonwealth Games and Edinburgh's Festivals, Claudia is the co-author & editor of the Locals' Guides to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Currently heading Comms and Events at University of Edinburgh Business School and throwing ideas about at Wigtown Book Festival. ¦ Big believer of George Bernard Shaw's famous quote 'We grow old because we stop playing'. Come and say hello on twitter @montyclaudia

Dan Channer

Oxford, United Kingdom

A 40-something local businessman with an young energetic family, interested in the Street Wisdom mindful-meets-problem solving approach, plus the bottom-up, organic nature of the meetings.

Daniele Fiandaca

London, United Kingdom

Daniele is co-founder of Utopia, a business change consultancy that rewires business for the Age of Creativity. He is also co-founder of Creative Social, a club for creative directors and brand leaders whose purpose is to accelerate creative thinking, and Token Man, an initiative to get men into the gender equality discussion.

Fiona McBride

United Kingdom

Gavin Presman

London, United Kingdom

Gavin Presman is an Author, Insight Coach, Corporate Trainer and Play Maker who has a mission to help people hear their own wisdom. His new book, Negotiation: How to craft agreements that give everyone more, shares his philosophy that business and relationship thrive when we aim to truly co-operate.

Grace McCarthy

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Grace and I live in the south of Glasgow. Recently changed careers (again) and thoroughly enjoying being a Life Coach with hypnotherapy and nlp skills. Enthusiastically helping people feel better about themselves and getting more out of life.

Guilia Pesante

Verona, Italy

I am a jewellery maker and teacher of English as a foreign language with a background in graphic design. I am always struggling to keep everything together but I know how to tap into my creative world and find inspiration and answers to my questions - now I’d like to help other people to get there too.

Hannah Scully

Southampton, United Kingdom

Adventure-loving, nature-enthusiast, wild-swimmer, mindful-practitioner.

Hannah Smith

Wellington, New Zealand

I am a coach and facilitator for people and organisations who believe things could be better than they are: enterprising charities, social businesses, social entrepreneurs and other optimistic individuals. I mostly work outdoors and love creating opportunities for people to stop, look & listen - and encounter things, people & thoughts they’ve not encountered before.

Helen Amery

Leicestershire, United Kingdom

I reconnect you to your innate brilliance. When we get older, what we've taken to be true starts to look less convincing and we start to feel dissatisfied and disillusioned with life - Why's it not easier? Why am I not happier? Why don't I feel more secure? Why is it so hard to find a balance? In our work together we recognise the unstable and insecure places we've been taught to find happiness and security in, and we look to rediscover who you really are - the you that's there before any ideas of who you think you are. Real security. Real balance. Real happiness.

Helen Gormley

Poole, United Kingdom

Helen has a background in education, psychology and learning and development. She is passionate about living life to the full working with individuals and organisations to move from I can't to I can. Director @HJAhere and www.helengormley.co.uk. Passionate @streetwisdom. Relocated recently to her roots by the sea!

Inés Alonso

United Kingdom

I am an interdisciplinary entrepreneur with a passion for movement and its intersections with the business world. I use movement to look at businesses from an artistic performance perspective in order to design ways of working adapted to the current speed of evolution.


London, United Kingdom

Transformational Coach & Youth Mentor, dedicated to support others through personal growth and transformation. Corporate background in recruitment, CIPD qualified HR and L&D professional. NLP Practitioner. Happy, fulfilled and content wife, mother, daughter & sister. Mindfulness, yoga, meditation, swimming and long walks are my daily life. On a quest to create better future for the next generation.

Jane Parslow

Brentford , United Kingdom

Jane is a coach who supports individuals and teams who are introducing change - to their organisations, their teams ... or themselves! She is passionate about helping people develop new ways of thinking and then putting them into practice. Jane loves walking and exploring, solving puzzles and finding out more about how people work - all of which come together in Street Wisdom!

Jeremy Lewis

Leeds, United Kingdom

The leader you want to be is defined by the choices you make day-to-day. Jeremy offers authentic, insightful and impactful development for individuals and teams to help them make better choices and increase their potency as leaders.

Jonathan Perugia

London, United Kingdom

I'm a professional photographer with a love of exploring the world around me and connecting to sources of wonder, fun and love...and Street Wisdom is a wonderful way to do just that!

Joyce Matthews

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Scottish, former Physical Education teacher, now globetrotting freelance Leadership Facilitator. I play hockey, touch rugby, ski, love improv, samba drumming and creative writing. All questions my own

Julie Drybrough

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Founder of fuchsia blue & #FacilitationShindig. Culture Change & People specialist. Lover of life.

justine clement

London, United Kingdom

Recently qualified Wizard (School for Wizards, 2yrs of psychology, psychotherapy, spirituality and life) who's spent the last 2 years exploring, learning, meeting, soul searching and creating. The results are an online platform of video workshops on emotional wellbeing called Learn Shed which also helps corporates & The Happy Prize Company which creates meaningful experiences and content for brands. Still learning. Loves collaborating. Loves life (most of the time).

Justine Ickes

Connecticut, United States

A freelance instructional designer, cultural anthropologist, facilitator/trainer, and coach, Justine Ickes has 30+ years of experience in designing, delivering, managing and evaluating award-winning blended, virtual, and face-to-face organizational development, staff capacity-building, and leadership training programs and learning resources at the American University, the International Medical Corps, the New School for Social Research, the Educational Development Corporation, the U.S. Department of State, the Peace Corps, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), among others. She has also designed, facilitated, and evaluated large and small group workshops, retreats, and other learning programs for executives, managers and employees of multilateral organizations, humanitarian organizations, corporations and other private sector clients. Ms. Ickes is a certified Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) practitioner and an ICF-certified coach. Ms. Ickes has a B.A. in English from Georgetown University and a Master of Arts in Anthropology from Columbia University. Based in Connecticut, Justine spends her time working, gardening, and raising her Turkish-American children. Ms. Ickes holds a Master of Arts in Anthropology from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Georgetown University. Justine is fluent in English and Spanish and is working on her Turkish.

Karson Wong

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Mindfulness meditation teacher based in Hong Kong. Founder of Mindfulocean.com

Kathryn Lehnerdt

Cape Town, South Africa

I am passionate about seeing people learn, grow and evolve. What inspires me most is to make a contribution where individuals and organizations work synergistically to achieve their objectives. My HR generalist and business management experience enables me to do this. I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to train my clients and effect change.

Kenny McCarthy

London, United Kingdom

Not content with keeping his head down on the tube, Kenny is passionate about creating a world which is positive, purposeful and thriving – Working for the RSA, he now leads on delivering their inquiry into the future of food, farming and the countryside. Kenny’s curious about the space where inner and outer change meet and leads weekly mindfulness sessions.

Kev Wyke

Liverpool, United Kingdom

By day: would-be super hero helping people and organisations shine as bright as they can. By night: frustrated climber, happy partner & proud dad. My daughter tells her friends I help people to do work better! Founder of Leap Further.

Kirsten Holder

United Kingdom

I've been working with leaders at all levels for nearly 20 years in the public, private and charity sector; and running my oen business - Kickstart Development, for the last 11 years. I specialise in helping leaders, teams and organisations regain their focus and energy by helping them create collaborative, trusted and purposeful environments.

Liz Swinstead

London, United Kingdom

I provide experiences in which people can explore, reflect, and redefine for themselves what 'being human' means for today, and tomorrow's, world of life and work. Using human centred work psychology tools and techniques, I create experiences where people can re-explore their connections within themselves, with each other, and with the natural world. As a principal people consultant in Arup, I work with individuals, teams and multi-partner project teams to tackle questions of collaboration, wellbeing and change.

Lorna Prescott

Dudley, United Kingdom

I work in Dudley for a local charity, designing ways to make it easier for people to make, learn and share together in the places they live. I absolutely love wandering outdoors, especially in places with trees.

mariana morris

Templeton, United States

I’m a business leader, mother, grape-stomper/wine drinker, art lover, book devourer, traveler, and all round woman of the universe. Pretty sure my wizard genes were implanted at birth because they sure didn’t come from my parents!

Mark Hall

London, United Kingdom

Mark is an engagement expert at the RSA where he works with members to unleash their untapped creative potential. He is working to embed SW thinking at the RSA, where it is used as a tool to find new answers to some of the major challenges we face in 21st Century. Mark's also a keen wanderer and explorer.

Melinda McDougall

London, United Kingdom

Mel worked closely with the Street Wisdom team to develop and grow the social enterprise. She now works in London as a qualified medical herbalist specialising in women's health. The wisdom of the streets is something she still enjoys tapping into and she loves seeing the reach of Street Wisdom grow across the globe.

Mike Pupius

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Volunteer Park Ranger and mindfulness trainer. Co-founder Centre for Mindful Life Enhancement delivering free six or eight week courses in Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement. Course includes a range of mindfulness practices, positive psychology, compassion and mindful walking. Experience in leading mindful walks. Gained MSc in Mindfulness Studies with University of Aberdeen.

Millie Baker

London, United Kingdom

Millie runs The Speaking Adventure, workshops in true, deep, unshakeable confidence for people with something valuable to offer.

Mindful New Mexico

Albuquerque, United States

We believe that when we are connected to ourselves and each other, the possibilities are endless. Mindful New Mexico is a nexus of opportunities for meaningful connections centered around mindfulness practices that include community events, walking, conferences, and trainings.

Monique Margo

Mexico City, Mexico

Walking is part of my daily life. I’ve always thought the streets are full of new and interesting findings despite the fact you walk them every single day. Creating, planning and writing custom editorial contents is what I do for a living.

Natalie Rossiter

Salford, United Kingdom

I'm a counsellor and Mindfulness teacher; my 'thing' is finding new, creative and enjoyable ways to help people take care of their mental health and just enjoy life more. I like travelling, dogs and reading. I'm a northerner (born in Lancashire), I live in Salford now but I've been all over!

Nicola Strudley

Bracknell, United Kingdom

Brain Train Me provides expert guidance in better understanding yourself in order to lead a more rewarding life. Put key techniques into practice in order to see marked improvements in your relationships at work, at home and with yourself.

Nicole Devereaux

United States

Ozgur Alaz

istanbul, Turkey

? Entrepreneur / Opportunity Hunter I have passion to explore all inspirations, trends and culture from all over the world.

Patricia Hart

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Rei Dishon

Jerusalem, Israel

These days Rei works as a freelance artist, designer and social entrepreneur and he often works on projects that bring together these three components.

Sara Carmona

CDMX, Mexico

Born in one of the largest cities in the world, she always believed things could be done differently...now she is being part of that change.

Sarah Storm

Breda, Netherlands

A Brit who has lived outside the UK for over twenty years. Loves to create opportunities & environments for people to flourish. Mum, wife, dog owner, runner & baker.

Susanne Taylor

Munich, Germany

Susanne grew up sharing everything - including her birthday (she's a twin!) - and realized sharing always creates more of what you're sharing. Her passion is to connect people across, through, and with their differences, as a coach and facilitator - to inspire, what else? - more connection! (And thus trust, creativity, etc. You know - all the good stuff!)

Teena Ackary

Cirencester, United Kingdom

I have worked for many years as owner/director of a company in the electronics field. I studied and qualified as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner in 2011. I am a keen potter, astrologer and crafter. After a life changing spiritual experience in 2012, I started to write a book which I am now marketing, making it my mission to spread the message on the power of walking, writing, painting, sitting, or any other method which facilitates openness to the signs of the universe and inner guidance.

Tony Woods

United Kingdom

Vishal Handa

United Kingdom

Yvonne Shapiro

Pretoria, South Africa

Self-employed facilitator, circle dancing teacher, specialist in information systems and data analysis, and editor

Street Stars

Street Wisdom is volunteer-led by facilitators that run free community events across the globe using our downloadable resources.

Ali Roff

United Kingdom

My name is Ali Roff and I'm Editor-at-Large at Psychologies magazine. I'm also Co-founder of SOULSISTRS.COM and training to be a mindfulness teacher, and shortly a yoga teacher too. I've interviewed some of the worlds leading gurus, psychologists, and spiritual teachers from Deepak Chopra to Jon Kabat Zinn to Byron Katie... you could say I'm a bit of a self-discovery junkie!

Alison Sutton

Glastonbury, United Kingdom

Helping people have peaceful minds and happier lives as an Emotional Wellbeing Coach specializing in Stress, pointing people back to how they are creating their experience of life's happenings. Working both in corporate Health and Wellbeing Programmes and privately in Bath.

Alissa Pemberton

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

I've worked with people, plants and places for the last 20 years in Milton Keynes. I lead plant wisdom and wild food walks and am passionate about helping people connect to and explore both their outer and inner landscapes.

Alyson Garrido

Wellington, New Zealand

Alyson has been leading Street Wisdom events since November 2018. She is hooked on bringing these powerful events to the masses! Alyson is also passionate about helping professionals advance their careers and find jobs they will enjoy. As a career coach, she partners with her clients to identify their strengths and create a path toward a more fulfilling career. Alyson provides support around preparing for interviews, performance reviews and salary negotiations, ensuring that you present yourself in the best possible light for job search and career advancement. Learn more about Alyson by visiting www.alysongarrido.com.

Andy Reid

London, United Kingdom

Andy happens to be the most positive person in the world. An ex-teacher and wizard with a marker pen (you name it, he can draw it), he possesses the God given super power of making everyone feel good.

Angela Wells

London, United Kingdom

I’m a speaker, NLP coach, webinar and Street Wizard facilitator!! When I started out on my NLP journey of self- discovery I had no idea where it was going to lead or what I would learn about myself. I am blessed to have met many wonderful people and enjoyed amazing experiences in my life. Street wisdom is one of those experiences that I'd love to share with you.

Anna Bananna

Zagreb, Croatia

Citizen of the world. I love themed parties, walking, cycling, movies and reading good books. I did my first Street Wisdom a few years ago and I was amazed by the way I felt and the results. Now I can take my experience facilitating workshops for virtual teams with my love for wandering around to facilitate your street wisdom experience.

Anna Rae-Jones

Stroud, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

I am a life coach, mentor, group facilitator, speaker and creative. The work of everyleaf provides 1:1 and group opportunities for you to tap into your innate wisdom, find what makes you light up inside, dares you to overcome your fears, experience creative living and enables you to create momentum towards the happier life you really want. I offer one to one coaching and mentoring where we work together as a partnership so you can find your own clarity, purpose and direction. I offer group work seeking ways to increase wellbeing and personal resilience via methods like connection with the environment and by getting into the lighter side of your inner kid. For example, I often take people out of doors into nature for walks where there are metaphors and great shifts in perspective to be gained. I was excited to discover the Street Wisdom organisation matching my vision of how we can find metaphors in the world around which can help us find answers, if we tune in. I'm looking forward to meeting you at one of my monthly Street Wisdom events. Also check out my website for other events.


Liverpool, United Kingdom

I enjoy looking for the beauty of the ordinary everyday,whether in an urban or rural setting. After listening to Street Wisdom's founder David Pearl's presentation at the Manchester Mindful Living Show, I took part in an event in Manchester and enjoyed it far more than I'd hoped for. A retired librarian in a busy public library, I now do some voluntary work,enjoy gardening,music,reading and travel,as well as keeping fit. As a kind of add-on to formal meditation,I want to inspire myself and others to appreciate life more fully as we go out and about.


London, United Kingdom

Half French/half German Londoner. 5Rhythms dancer, into yoga, wellbeing & happiness, art, culture, trends & experiences. Keen to connect & collaborate with curious & passionate people, to learn & grow - together & personally - and make a meaningful difference in the world. I bring a branding and innovation background, employee and customer experience expertise, multiple languages, intercultural understanding, creativity, energy and passion, flexibility and the sky are your limits approach, passion for people and communities and German rigour and conscientiousness coupled with French charm and a certain je ne sais quoi.

Benny Wallington

Sydney, Australia

Brett Sadler

Frome, United Kingdom

Brett is a Fellow of the RSA and an author, consultant and speaker specialising in engagement and conscious leadership. He believes that we find answers not by looking for them - which creates attachment - but by letting go and being open to receive them.

Camilla Ceylão

Florianópolis, Brazil



I have lived and worked in the US, Australia and Europe. I love helping people solve problems!

Catherine Guild

Worcester, United Kingdom

Walked many streets in the UK, Qatar, India and Abu Dhabi. Yogi, photographer, traveller.

Cathryn Lloyd

Brisbane , Australia

Curious about the world and how we can engage with it in creative and meaningful ways. I like the idea that we don't have to go to far flung places to gain insight. The permission to wander and question with intention and attention resonates for me. I also like the idea that it is about shifting perception and perspective - seeing our everyday world with new eyes. I hope to inspire others to join me in a Street Wisdom session and it would be great to be part of the September gatherings albeit from Down Under.

Chris Kane

London, United Kingdom

Interested in doing interesting things with interesting people.

Christopher Hix

Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

Having recently retired from a career as an accountant in commercial and public sector organisations, I am now working with several charities which aim to create a more positive world. I am also seeking opportunities for Supporting Artiste work in TV and film.

claire haigh

Manchester, United Kingdom

I work with organisations, systems and places to help them to explore, shape and connect future public services. I am passionate about working with people to help them reach their potential and develop innovative approaches to problems. I believe that through working collectively and collaboratively we can achieve so much more together and in this world of social networks and connections, technology can be a huge enable to this work. I am an experienced, future focused and connected public service leader with extensive experience of leading collaborative programmes that transcend organisational and professional boundaries whilst achieving real and lasting outcomes. I am an expert networker, influencer and mobiliser who always approaches programmes with authenticity, passion and from a strength based perspective. I excel working in multi-functional teams, across organisational boundaries and where meaningful connections need to be made to achieve better outcomes. I have extensive experience working with senior leaders and politicians and an excellent understanding of the ever evolving policy context that is influencing public services reform. Being a qualified coach and with a background in organisational transformation and development and an RSA Fellow I have a strong foundation for the collaborative work undertaken and a practical understanding of the skills and behaviours required of our 21st Century ‘Public’ Servants. Since graduating with a degree in Psychology from Royal Holloway 10 years ago, I have spent my career working in the public sector. Starting my career in Local Government in organisational development and transformation and then moving to work regionally across public services in the North West for the past six years in a variety of roles at North West Employers. Most recently I was their Director of Improvement which meant leading on their capacity and capability building strategy as well as leading a programme of innovative networking and connecting activities. I love innovating, experimenting, exploring and learning and is passionate about helping leaders at all levels to be the best they can be in order to help all communities to live happier and healthier lives.

Daniel Taylor

United Kingdom

Daniel is a Learning and Development Advisor for a large organisation who facilitates Management programmes, is a conference speaker and a coaches individuals at all levels within business. Daniel has a developed his knowledge and skills having been part of L&D and HR for over 10 years. He is also a CIPD Ambassador working closely with the Learning and Development network.

dave tullett

winchester, United Kingdom

Dave Wiles

Bath, United Kingdom

Youth and community manager. Trainer. Consultant. Now working in Youth Justice. Believes more and more about less and less!

David DSouza

London, United Kingdom

David is part of ‘Beyond the Workplace‘ utilising Street Wisdom to help people think and talk about the future of work and to open up options for people both professionally and personally. Let’s solve everything in 2 hours (or at least get started).

David Eustace

Hudson, United States

Born in Toronto, living in Germantown, about two hours north of New York City. I work as an artist, represented by a great little gallery in nearby Hudson, as well as teach at fun place called Kite's Nest. Between all the Things & Stuff, I paint, make installations, and, last June in Hudson, helped organize a Street Wisdom event.

David Goddin

Cambridge, United Kingdom

I'm a consultant working with leaders, teams and organisations looking to create people focused change. I bring a particular emphasis on leadership development, team development and coaching. I regularly write on Change, Coaching, Leadership development and Talent development.

Emma Browes

Leeds, United Kingdom

Amplifying awesomeness and facilitating fabulousness. Mostly thinking about innovation, creativity, personal / team development and adding a sprinkle of the social. Geek. Flamingo fan. Yoga practicer. In case of emergency alliterate & add glitter.

Erin Clark

London, United Kingdom

I'm a curate (a.k.a. a trainee vicar) in the East End who likes helping people connect with others around them and develop in their faith and spirituality. In my spare time I can be found running, writing & playing the banjo.

Evgeni Mitev

Sofia, Bulgaria

I am business consultant and storytelling trainer as well as social entrepreneur working with visually impaired people, applying variety of methods for leadership development, empathy and intuition. LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evgenialen

Fay Crowther

London, United Kingdom

Hello! I'm a Geography and yoga teacher, and really interested in how we shape our experience of our environment, as well as how environments shape us.

Gail Donnan

Ripon, United Kingdom

Hi, I am a Mindfulness Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Coach and Holistic Therapist. I am an Ambassador for Psychologies Magazine, blogging and mentoring on their LifeLabs self development online platform for subscribers. I have a huge interest in Mindfulness as a self development tool and am honoured to be able to support people in connecting with themselves to find answers.

Gary Loftus

Manchester , United Kingdom

Manchester born, living near the city, runs The Orange Club UK and Coffee Club Coaching. Has a passion for community building, being kind to others and travelling the world.

Gemma Dale

United Kingdom

Gemma is an experienced HR Director, a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, and a regular speaker and writer on a variety of HR topics including employee engagement and social media. An award-winning blogger at www.hrgemblog.com, regularly writes for a variety of HR publications and websites and co-author of several books on HR and social media, including the ‘Putting Social Media to Work’ series.

Geneviève Préfontaine


Georgi Kamov

Sofia, Bulgaria

Georgi Kamov is a motivational speaker, innovation consultant and author, igniting change in companies, organizations and institutions. Co-creator of Red Paper Plane, a new learning system for 3-6 year olds. Father of two happy kids.

Gilly Walker

Newark on Trent, United Kingdom

Born in Scotland, now living in Newark on Trent, I'm a photographer, writer and tutor with an interest in using photography to develop mindfulness and self-awareness.. There's an obvious overlap with the Street Wisdom approach, which is what attracted me to train as a facilitator.

Hannah & Carole

Edinburgh & London , United Kingdom

Hannah & Carole are both experienced Coaches & Facilitators. They met on their first day of Coach Training and discovered a mutual passion for taking this work outdoors. Hannah is a Street Wizard. Hannah is based in Edinburgh & Carole in London.

Helen Jellicoe

United Kingdom

Hilary GALLO

United Kingdom

Hilary O'Shaughnessy

Bristol, United Kingdom

Hilary works as a Producer at the Pervasive Media Studio. The studio hosts a brilliant community of over 100 artists, creative companies, technologists and academics exploring experience design and creative technology. It is a collaboration between Watershed, University of Bristol and UWE Bristol. Hilary has a keen interest in bringing the benefits of mindfulness off the cushion and into the real world.

Ian Sanders

London, United Kingdom

A storyteller and consultant who gets people, brands and organisations fired up about their story and purpose. Author. Fuel finder. Coffee drinker. https://twitter.com/iansanders

Ilze Rozenberga

Sofia, Bulgaria

Ivan Kobelev

Vienna, Austria

Freelance facilitator and trainer, hiker, son, graduated chemical engineer, ground-breaker and an unshakable optimist, mostly working in youth sector, facilitating trainings on intercultural communication, non-formal education, leadership, and forums on youth peace and policy making. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivankobelev/


Beijing & Shanghai, China

Partner of Makeapoint-a design-led innovation lab dedicated to facilitate next generation business for social good Project Coordinator of NELIS China Chapter (Next Leaders' Initiative for Sustainability) Trainer of Gross National Happiness MIT Sloan School of Management Theory U practitioner

Jack Coleman

Buenos Aires, Spain

I'm currently the token English guy at a Barcelona based digital agency called Runroom, working as the Head of New Business. Having lived in London, Buenos Aires and now Barcelona, means I’ve worked in a variety of markets and cultures, and I'm constantly learning, growing and sharing ideas - always waving the Street Wisdom flag.

Jacki Scarcello

Los Angeles, United States

Jaki believes that every stage of life has a unique energy and that sucess comes to those who capture and utilize that resource. Jaki is the author of "Fifty & Fabulous! The Best Years of a Woman’s Life" and works as a leadership consultant and group facilitator Los Angeles USA Toronto, Canada @jakisc- Twitter https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakiscarcello

Jaime Lee

Melbourne, Australia

Born in Melbourne, Dr. Jaime Lee is a flaneuse, foodie, devourer of books and dog lover. She loves experiencing different cultures and sloooowing down as she wanders the world. In our fast-paced world, she is a medical doctor, strategy consultant and facilitator, who has worked in 7 countries across the globe serving clients in health system reform and organization transformations. She is the founder of Health Quotient, a company that focuses on balancing performance and renewal in organisations, and improving the physical and mental health of employees. As the eldest of three daughters, she gave her Chinese-Malaysian first generation migrant parents many heart attacks with changes in her career and traveling the world! Other passions include yoga, dancing, and interior decorating to create happy spaces. And Jaime is obsessed with dinosaurs and once dreamt of becoming a palaeontologist!

jane callaghan

Llanidloes Wales, United Kingdom

What happens if we take the view that we know everything we need to deal with the questions and other bothersome stuff than knocks around in our heads? What if all we need to do is gift ourselves some time and "tune in" to a conversation with our bodies, mind and imagination? I'm a group facilitator, personal and ecological constellator and RSA fellow who is curious about finding the deep wisdom and knowing inside all of us!


Blato (Korčula), Zagreb, Zaprešić, Croatia

Jasna, as name tells by themself, the bringer of brightness and clearity in combination with education of aromatherapy, holistic therapy and coaching is just what I am doing for my job. Also enjoy creative works, moving, walking, traveling, people, freedom: indeed everything on this georgious planet which brings ease, joy, and fun to life.

Jennifer Frame

London, United Kingdom

Jennifer is a freelance analyst and consultant in the adventure travel industry and is developing a new business idea, after finding a fresh perspective during a Street Wisdom event! She loves walking and problem solving – so Street Wisdom is the perfect fusion.

Jessica Bigogno

Barcelona, Spain

I am a mindfulness teacher and psychotherapist. I grew up in London and now live in a beautiful little beach town just outside of Barcelona. I love the sea and all things nature. I also love to hang out with friends and enjoy delicious food and wine. I’m passionate about sharing mindfulness with a many people as possible. With that end in mind, I have also set up an online mindfulness project.

Jim Lusty

London, United Kingdom

England provides many of Jim’s passions, including its rugby team, its beer, its coastline and its fascinating history. As a partner with Upping Your Elvis, Jim relishes the challenge of working with individuals and organisations to help them realise their true potential. He makes it simple and fun. A fresher man is hard to find.

Jo Hunter

London, United Kingdom

Jo is a Co-Founder of 64 Million Artists who aim to unlock human potential through creativity. She was also a Clore Fellow in 2014-15 and is passionate about helping people be the best version of themselves.

Jo Rhodes

Settle, United Kingdom

Jo Wainwright

United Kingdom

Jo Walley

Newcastle-under-Lyme, United Kingdom

Coach, mentor and trainer with a background in librarianship and research. I empower people to identify their goals and take actions towards them.

John Danias

United Kingdom

I share my time between family life, work (real estate finance) and vocation (mindfulness and mind-training). I love Street Wisdom as an insightful and fun activity and I hope you do too.

Jonah Fisher

Tel Aviv, Israel

Jonah is the GATHER Director at Seeds of Peace. Originally from New York City, Jonah currently lives in Tel Aviv where he recently opened FLO—a social innovation co-working community space. He is an alumnus of a variety of leadership and social entrepreneurship fellowships both in the United States and Israel. Jonah was the founding Director of Development for a local microfinance organization, the Capital Good Fund, and founded the Interfaith Exchange, an interfaith service-learning program for Christian, Jewish, and Muslim teenagers across Rhode Island. He also served as the founding Program Manager of Core18, an international social entrepreneurship fellowship. Most recently, Jonah served as the Director of Training/Leadership and a socio-economic analyst at the Reut Institute. Jonah is a graduate of Brown University where he studied religion, education, and social entrepreneurship.

Julie Woodman

Manchester, United Kingdom

I'm a long-term L&D professional, and much more recent Life & Performance Coach. I'm energetic, enthusiastic and hopefully fairly down to earth! Having attended several 'Street Wisdom' events, finding them thought-provoking and a great way to get some 'me time', I thought I ought to return the favour and start running them myself.



Kat Hounsell

Arundel, United Kingdom

Kat has a passion for turning extraordinary visions into happy realities. She works with culture focussed organisations and teams - helping them thrive. With a background in the food and drinks industry she's also a bit of a Wine Geek.

Kathryn Parkes

Dublin, Ireland

Kathryn is a User Experience Designer and Researcher helping companies to make their products and services more human-centred and sustainable. She believes that the best ideas rarely come when sitting at a desk and loves to just get out walking or cycling.

Katy Lang

United States

Kim Eberle


Krystyna Gadd

Leeds, United Kingdom

Krystyna is a leading authority on accelerated learning and its application in the UK. She has been training trainers, facilitators and subject matter experts since 2008, through CIPD professional programmes and her own workshops. She has published a book “50 ways to Accelerate Learning”, which expands on her “5 Secrets of Accelerated Learning” that she shared in the Training Journal article “Quick off the Mark”. Krys finds working with trainers and anyone else involved with learning an absolute joy and she constantly seeks out ways to enable people to cut down on preparation time, improve retention of information and accelerate the learning. Her innovative approach and creative delivery style gives her workshops an impressive and extraordinary quality. She has an amazing ability to put a group at ease almost instantly. Krys whole heartedly believes that the learning process should be a happy and enjoyable one and is a fabulous role model at bringing this philosophy to life.

Laurent Austin

Paris, France

I propose workshops that enable team cohesion, employee involvement and their commitment to their company's values. It seems to me that investing on human is the only lever for employee involvement and collective performance. Developing individual performance through pyramidal methods (top down) of the 20th century is no longer possible. The human dimension must find its place in business relations, the autonomy given to employees, and the collective intelligence instilled in the heart of organizations. This requires motivating employees through trust, fostering team communication and co-creation in line with the company's values and vision. Tomorrow, companies will have to always better consider the collaborator in his humanity more than in his skills only. To allow the expression of the emotions and the sensitivity of each one becomes vital. For this, the confrontation of employees with artistic, scientific or cultural dimensions is decisive. Increasing creativity and autonomy of the teams, companies will thus free up a sound engagement and sustainable performance.

Leticia Sánchez

Bilbao, Spain

I am a coach, actress and facilitator of people who want to develop their emotional skills. I am passionate about using the body as a vehicle for personal growth through the expressive movement, making people get in touch with themselves.

Linda Forbes Young

London, United Kingdom

Helping people bridge the gap between where they are now in their lives and where they really want to be. Making ordinary lives extraordinary is the aim of my game!

Lisa Pitman

St Albans, United Kingdom

I work at a business school that is passionate about transferring the knowledge learnt on our executive education programs back into the real lives of the participants - both at work and at home. The way we do this is through reflection and application. We find that our business school environment is conducive to learning application and we build in 'walk and talks' to ensure reflection and application occurs. But what if you're not in a peaceful, beautiful environment? Can you continue to learn, reflect and apply learning in an urban setting? That's what I want to explore with you while walking the streets of St Albans and absorbing all the inspiration that we may miss in our daily lives. Additionally, St Albans is a beautiful place to visit, and this walk will help you fall in love with it if you haven't already!

Liz Burkinshaw

York , United Kingdom

I’m curious about all things learning, people and wellbeing. I love a wander, a gamble, a shuffle and getting the body moving. Always looking for sunshine, silver linings and rainbows of inspiration.

Liz Kentish

Stamford, United Kingdom

Lori Clanton

United States

Lori Clanton is a self-proclaimed free-range social entrepreneur, and she engages with her community in ways that need no money and no permission. As founder of Fresno Mindfulness Walks, she believes that the power to transform a city resides in regular people taking creative action, and it starts with making the invisible visible. Her experience with community philanthropy gives her a unique understanding of the San Joaquin Valley. Having survived crime, cancer, and exclusion, Lori chooses to value every day and draw the circle wide. Lori has traveled extensively, including twice to China to adopt her two daughters. She has a B.A. in Psychology and an M.B.A. from Fresno State.

Louise Ordish

Reading, United Kingdom

A marketer, poet, mother of four, trainee psychotherapist, street wisdom guide, Louise loves to lift the lid, explore, create, or uncover. Street Wisdom walks are right up her street. [oops]

Lucy Mc Kenna

United Kingdom

Manisha Pandey

London, United Kingdom

Trained as an anthropologist to understand communities by living within them, Manisha works with charities and organisations making a social impact. She likes dancing, drawing writing and looking to the street for its wisdom!

Marta van Sitteren


Als trainer en coach help ik drukke mensen om beter met tijd, energie en stress om te gaan. Om meer resultaten te bereiken op een ontspannen wijze.

Matt Bolton-Alarcón

Arundel, United Kingdom

An avid guitarist and music lover, Matt lives and breathes creativity. As a part of the Upping Your Elvis family guides thousands of people every year to unlock the special sauce within them.


London, United Kingdom

I'm a Life, Entrepreneur and Wellness coach. I love helping people make actionable change in their life. Dream it | Create it | Live it.


Bristol, United Kingdom

I have a background in primary education and have also led training courses for school staff and museum workshops for children. I enjoy learning new skills, collecting information, reading, being outside and creating beautiful (and sometimes useful) things.


Cheltenham, United Kingdom

I am committed to social change and social action and the ability of individuals to be happy, healthy and empowered to make a difference to their own lives and the lives of others through my businesses: SimplyHappy incorporates evidence based, practical tools for positive transformation to be used with individuals, communities and organisations to help increase and improve their happiness, health and wellbeing. Through coaching I support individuals to create a purpose driven life using a combination of positive psychology, mindfulness and conscious commerce. Working co-creatively on an individual basis as well as with those in the private and public sectors, social enterprises and the voluntary and community sector. SimplyDynamic's aim is to support organisations and individuals to create and develop projects that will promote social change leading to strong and vibrant communities. It aims to encourage social innovation by connecting people with ideas to make a real difference at a true community level. All of my work has at it's core a desire to create positive change whether this is at a personal, professional or community level.

Natasha Goldstein

London, United Kingdom

Natasha Goldstein is a graduate of The University of Edinburgh & Co-founder of Co & Co, the digital platform to connect students and graduates to real-world opportunities. Self-reflection and personal development are important practices, outside of work Natasha considers, this importance was instilled in her through her Graphic Design degree.

Nick Myles-Cook

Oxford, United Kingdom

Nick has been facilitating workshops in the UK and Europe ever since graduating from Central School of Speech and Drama with an MA in acting. His unique experience in building bespoke training and development sessions has seen him work with everyone from business executives to groups of foreign language delegates. As a professional actor, Nick has a broad experience working on the stage, screen and television. He believes that many exciting key skills in the acting world are directly applicable to almost any professional environment – a concept that led him to co-found Different Duck and put this approach into practice with great success!

Oana Juncu



Cambridge , United Kingdom

Project director of ArchaeoLink whose purpose is to assist communities to benefit educationally, societally and economically from their archaeology and cultural heritage. I'm a Mediator and now a Street Star.

Paul Strobl

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Paul Strobl is a native Texan who splits his career between being a personal coach for CEOs and whatever entrepreneurial project looks like fun at the moment. An avid traveler, he operates location-independently from Plovdiv, Bulgaria (for now!) and jumped off the American Fortune 500 corporate ladder a decade ago to live a more balanced and meaningful life. He has owned or been part of building several successful companies in the U.S. and Latinamerica, and plans to remain in Europe for the foreseeable future.

Penny Vincent

Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Community Organiser, trainer, singing leader, community researcher, walker, grower.

Peter Petrov

Sofia, Bulgaria

I like to learn everything about how we work as human beings no matter if from the scientific or the esoteric point of you :)

Phil Wilcox

Manchester, United Kingdom

Phil's made a promise; to make work better by placing emotion at the heart of it. Fusing academic success (MSc Emotion, Deception & Credibility) with practitioner experience (20 yrs in L&D/HR) Phil is formidable source of actionable insight.

Raquel Coelho

United Arab Emirates

Passionate about this tiny life we get to live and exploring ways of making the most of it. Helping others help themselves in the process. I truly believe that each person has an important role to play in their lifetime, and I want to co-design learning experiences that help everyone to find their superhero! I believe that the time has come for us to replace the 'education of masses' with 'education for heroes'!

Rebecca Narracott

Nairobi, Kenya

I am a novelist from London but currently living in Nairobi with my husband and three children. I love photography, yoga, reading and travelling.

Reena Dayal

London, United Kingdom

Lover all things to do with Transformation, Leadership development, Cooking, Astronomy, Travelling, Ayurveda and Walking. My business is all about collaborating with high performing executives who wish to play their A-Game. Our aim is to support that journey and equip and empower them to play the #disruption game with elegance.

Saffi Price

United Kingdom

I live and work in Wolverhampton. I am Deputy Chief Executive at Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council for half the week and Co-curate Wolverhampton for Everyone for the other half! When not working I love yoga, meditation, walking our dogs and dreaming of cultural change.

Sarah Sansom

London, United Kingdom

Sarah Sansom is a creative facilitator working internationally with businesses, artists and young people to help turn their passion into action and action into results. Director @timewontwait and lover of @streetwisdom

Sheela Hobden

Poole, United Kingdom

Keen outdoorsy type, helps keep my mind settled being amongst nature. Love food and drink (that's why I have to exercise!). Really interested in the mind, meditation, wellbeing and how we can live our lives a little easier.

Shilpa Limsay


Sophie Williams

Bath, United Kingdom

I'm a coach, co-founder of a brand & design company and founder/editor of Feelgood Bath. I enjoy meeting new people, sharing feelgood info and hosting free activities, including Street Wisdom events and my local Coaching Café workshops.

Sylvia Tillmann

United Kingdom

Thérèse Troedsson

Stockholm, Sweden

Creator of safe learning environments inspiring people, organisations and communities to develop. For the past 13 years, I have been working with international leadership development and has recently become a life coach. I have been running a few Street Wisdom sessions in corporate settings and have found out that it works brilliantly in that environment too. A part from that, I am an avid cook book collector who love to cook and of course to eat well. I practise Yoga to calm down and Zumba to get energised. I live in Stockholm with my family that includes two lovely teenage daughters, a great husband and a cute dog. My motto is "expect the unexpected", then you are prepared to face anything that might happen.

Tihomir Georgiev

Sofia, Bulgaria

My name is Tihomir and my passion is learning, development and support of people who want to improve the quality of their lives. In the past 4 years in Europe I have worked with variety of methods for personal development: coaching, NLP, systemic constellations, guided imagery, hypnosis, experiential learning, outdoor, body work and awareness, intuition. I come from Bulgaria and I have a BA in History and MA in Rhetoric and Communication. I hold certificates for NLP Practitioner, Coaching & Mentoring, Systemic coaching and Constellations, Hypnosis Practitioner, Synergy method. I join SW community in order to explore more of what's already available and to bring fun, joy and insights for myself and the people around me.

Tim Scott

London, United Kingdom

Tim Scott is an HR professional, writer about business and HR, semi-retired DJ and music producer, Dad to two boys and a self-confessed social media convert.

Tracy Archibald

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Based in Edinburgh, Tracy is a highly experienced coach, trainer and facilitator and provides specialist training programmes on all aspects of Clean Language, Metaphor and Clean Space.

Valerie Jackman

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I have extensive experience of working in both the private and public sectors in Scotland and my areas of expertise are Education and Leadership. I am passionate about the future, in particular the future of Learning and I am energised by meeting and working with like-minded people.

Vernon James

London, United Kingdom

Vernon James is the founder of The Casual Artist. He is a creativity coach successfully helping individuals find purpose and fulfillment in life by reconnecting them with their creative passions.

Zanya Dahl

Dublin, Ireland

A Dublin local who loves her city. I exercise my creativity through photography, painting, comedy improv and arts & crafts with my little ones. Also a big fan of good food and fresh air!


New Plymouth, New Zealand

Passionate about facilitating experiences that impact lives and seeing people flourish, I'm excited to bring Street Wisdom to New Plymouth. Day to day you'll find me facilitating similar events at our local coworking space (Manifold), or coaching emerging business owners & social enterprises in values-based frameworks. I live in a Tiny House, I love people and I'm a weird blend of bubbly extrovert & reflective introvert.