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Street Wisdom: Zürich, Lindenhof

When: December 6, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Duration: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Cost: £Free
Location: Lindenhof, Lindenhof
Zürich, 8001 Switzerland
Street Leader: Kim Eberle

Hallo Zusammen!

Dieses kostenlose 90-minütige Event, wird dich befähigen, achtsamer zu Sein, frische Antworten auf persönliche Fragen zu bahnen und deine Perspektiven zu öffnen.

In dieser geführten Erfahrung, nutzen wir die städtische Umgebung als Inspirationsquelle für uns selbst. „Jeder Moment ist aussergewöhnlich und jede Strasse voller Inspiration – Es gibt keine normalen Strassen, sondern nur gewöhnliches Denken“, ist der Leitgedanke des Events.

Das Street Wisdom Event besteht aus drei Teilen, in denen du von zwei Strassenführern, Gerlinde und Kim, unterstützt wirst, deine Sinne zu stärken, damit du umfassendere Informationen aus der Umgebung abrufen kannst, als du es normalerweise tun würdest. Danach begibst du dich auf deine eigene Reise, bei der du nicht weit gehen muss, sondern einfach nur achtsamer. Du wirst erleben, wie magisch ein gewöhnlicher Ort, mitten in der Stadt sein kann. Auch die gemeinsame Begegnung mit gleichgesinnten Menschen wirkt inspirierend und kann unerwartete Perspektiven öffnen.

Nimm teil und gibt dir die Zeit, dich wirklich auf die Zeichen zu konzentrieren, welche wir normalerweise ignorieren.

Wir freuen uns auf dich und unsere gemeinsame Erfahrung am Street Wisdom Event in Zürich. Am 06.12.2019. Auf dem Lindenhof um 19:00 Uhr.

Danach gehen wir gemeinsam, wer Lust hat, an den Weihnachtsmarkt am Bellevue.


Meet yourself!

Gerlinde und Kim



Learn how to access the urban environment and find fresh answers to personal or work-related questions with Street Wisdom: a powerful, three-hour guided experience that uses the streets as an invisible university. This inspirational tool has been adopted by corporations, coaches and social groups across the globe – with profound results.

What is it? At the centre of Street Wisdom lies the idea that every moment is extraordinary and every street is full of inspiration – that there’s no such thing as an ordinary street, just ordinary thinking. Few of us give ourselves time or permission to really focus on the signs and signals that we normally ignore, rich stimulus that can help us learn something new.

Street Wisdom takes place in three parts. First, a street guide helps you tune up your senses so you can pick up far richer information from the environment that you would normally. Then you’re off on a journey by yourself – your street quest – where you ask a question and see what answers present themselves. You don’t have to go far but it’s amazing what you can learn. In the final 60 minute session everyone gathers together to share what happened and, more often than not, wonder at how magical an ordinary street can become when you’re really aware of those hidden messages, chance meetings and unexpected discoveries.

In just three hours of walking and wandering, participants have resolved problems that have dogged them for years, found new business ideas, changed careers, discovered new directions, and learned how to deal differently with life and love.

Invented by creative maestro David Pearl in 2013 and developed with the help of business beatnik and fellow author Chris Baréz-Brown, Street Wisdom has rapidly grown into a global movement. Our mission is to make every street in every city a free source of inspiration for everyone, every single day.

Who is it for? It is relevant for anyone struggling with the day-to-day personal stuff, tackling a challenge in the workplace, figuring out what’s next, or seeking a creative breakthrough. Once experienced, it can be easily replicated on a personal basis, or taken into the workplace and used to inspire teams and colleagues.

What do you bring? An open mind, good walking shoes and clothes for all weather. A question you’d like answered: not too big (‘What is the meaning of life?’), not too small (‘What shall I have for lunch?’) but somewhere in the middle – a burning issue to which you’d like fresh answers.

Please watch the short video below and reserve your place so we can keep you updated – if you are unable to come at the last minute, you must contact the organiser so they may give someone else the chance to take part.

To contact the organiser of this event use the form below. To get in touch with Street Wisdom HQ: contactus@streetwisdom.org. The information you provide when booking an event will be shared with the event organiser and kept securely by us as explained in our privacy policy.

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