Cancer Research UK – Open to Change


“I would highly recommend a Street Wisdom session to any organisations looking to do something different, to connect with each other, their environment and ponder questions that are important to your organisation.”

Amy Hassell, Regional Learning & Development Manager

What our client needed

Street Wisdom was asked to lead a session as part of a strategy day for senior retail managment. Approaching a challenging period within the organisation, the focus of the session was around creating an openness to change.

How we responded

We called upon one of our experienced facilitators who had worked in the charity sector for over 30 years and understood the obstacles faced. He facilitated a Street Wisdom session that offered the group a new way of thinking about change. They set out on to the streets to individually think about the upcoming challenges, before coming together to share and apply these ideas.

And the results were…

“As a team of senior managers in charity retail, this was a completely different learning experience for us. We had great feedback from all of our managers, it brought fresh thinking to the challenge that we were focusing on and provided a bonding experience for the team.”