Where does thinking happen in your body?

By Street Wisdom

That’s a question, huh? Where does thinking happen in your body?

We love that question.

Most of us would point to our heads, of course.

And that’s what we were brought up to think.

That the mind sits up there on top of your neck while the body is like some sort of transportation system that transports it around the world.

Ha, well…

Cognitive science sees things rather different today.

The truth is: the whole of our bodies think. Our intelligence is embodied, from the head right down to the soles of the feet.

The brain likes to think it knows the right way for you to live your life.

But in a world as complex as ours, you actually want the whole of your body working for you, guiding your path, sensing directions, helping you feel your way to what you want.

At Street Wisdom, we invite you to consider that we all have an ancient human navigation system built into us, but that we don’t always listen to it.

So we potentially end up in not quite the right place, having made not quite the right decisions.

And that’s OK but, well, it doesn’t have to be the case!

Because we can easily access this ancient human navigation system, this in-built guidance system. It’s a bit like switching on your internal GPS.

And that’s exactly what we do every year with thousands of people at Street Wisdom.

That’s what we work on at Street Wisdom – our embodied intelligence, our intuition, our inner swallow, this ancient human navigation system, this unique innate sense of direction we have inside of ourselves.

No wonder Street Wisdom is sometimes called “SatNav for the Soul”!

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